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May 6, 2010

We Live in Public


Andrey Ternovskiy, the 17-year-old inventor of Chatroulette, has probably never heard of Josh Harris but that makes him like most people.

Harris, the centerpiece of this documentary, created a real-life Chatroulette in the form of a late 1999 experiment in which 100 people lived underground with TV cameras running everywhere 24/7 such that anyone there could watch or be seen by anyone else resident.

It crashed and burned, as did Harris's next experiment, in which he and his girlfriend Tanya Corrin put their lives in plain view to any and all who cared to watch, with a sidebar chat room for observers to chime in whenever they liked.

Then Harris crashed and burned and bought an apple farm out in the middle of nowhere, followed by one last hurrah online that crashed and burned, with Harris then moving to... Ethiopia, which is where this movie left him in 2008.

Not what I would call enjoyable but absolutely riveting from my perspective, as I gain insight into what joeTV should be.

You thought I'd forgotten about that, huh?

I'll say it again for the umpteenth time, bookofjoe is simply a placeholder for joeTV.

But I digress.

Considering the nature of surveillance cameras in cities such as London and Chicago, and Facebook and its ilk, I think you'd have to say Harris was simply 15 years too early for his own good.

In the same sense that Jeremy Bentham's Panopticon was centuries ahead of contemporary New York City apartment dwellers, with their telescopes and binoculars trained on each other.

And like Dr. Kenji Takagi, the Japanese doctor who in 1918 used a urinary cystoscope to look into the knee joint and quietly invented arthroscopy.

Only in the 1950s was Dr. Masaki Watanabe, a former student of Takagi, above to incorporate advances in optics and machining to make the technique clinically viable.

An individual to whom a portion of the future is prematurely and unevenly distributed stands a very good chance of bursting into flames and then crashing spectacularly.

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Massage Head Band




[via bennybb]

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First International Messy Room Contest is on


This just in from Irene Serrano who writes, "Curiosite is organizing the first edition of the International Messy Room Contest. The Contest purports to become a platform where users can share their most chaotic moments and spaces."


More: "It’s easy to participate; all you have to do is send us a photograph of your messy bedroom. The prize will go to the messiest, most disorganized and anarchic room."

And: "The prize is a USB-powered microscope you can use to analyze the piles of dust around your room."


See your competition (samples above) here.

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Bottoms Up Doorbell


"Imagine how beautiful it would be to toast your guests as they ring your bell."

Two crystal glasses hanging upside down on either side of a miniature hammer triggered by a traditional electromagnetic doorbell.

Designed by Peter Van Der Jagt for Droog.

9.5"H x 9.75"L x 3.5"W.


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FunFact of the day: 'There are more than 2,000 varieties of peaches'


You could look it up .

But wait: it gets even better.

Guess who sent me the link above?

None other than the redoubtable Joe Peach, in his new capacity as a member of my crack research team.

Good job, Joe.

Now get back to work.

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Pencil Tie


"Reversible tie with one sensible side and one fun side."

Which is which?


Be quiet, joe.

Remember that a pun is a nup spelled backwards — and that's anup out of you.



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What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

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Fruit-Scented Markers


Four years ago it was Smencils ("gourmet-scented pencils made from recycled newspapers") and now comes this variant in the marker space.

From websites: "Green smells like mint, Orange smells like an orange, Yellow like lemon, etc. The scent makes it easier to recognize the color and offers an excellent learning tool for children."


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