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May 19, 2010

Crowdsourcing consumer sentiment — Google x Facebook


Above, what you'll see if you type "how do I" into the Google search box.

FunFact: That's #2 with a big bullet: In a graphic (below)


on page 34 of the current (May 17-23, 2010) issue of Bloomberg Businessweek, "delete my facebook account" is #6.

At this rate it should hit #1 by the weekend.

Stay tuned.

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Night Light Cup


From the website:


The LiteCup is a nightlight and no-spill sippy cup in one for both kids and adults.

No need for turning it on and off as it only glows when it is dark.

Gently sip anywhere around the silicone lip seal, never lifting your head off the pillow.

The gentle light glows just enough so you can find the cup when you are thirsty, and minimizes your sleep disruption.


Use it for travel — camping, in a hotel or for those long rides in the car.

Great for your drinks when working or playing on your computer… just in case of spills.

Activate the night light by turning the small knob on the bottom with a coin.

Once activated, the nightlight will switch on and off automatically in low light and will last up to three months in normal use.

The base is opaque white and gives off a soft blue hue when illuminated.



White or Blue top.

5.5"H x 3"Ø.


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What are they?


Answer here


this time tomorrow.

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Baggy Rack — 'Like having an extra pair of hands!'


From the website:


Transfer sauce, soup, cereal, berries, leftovers — anything you can store in a plastic bag — without doing a juggling act. 

It won't "slump" and spill contents on the counter, and stays upright as you work.

Telescopes to 10"H to accomodate sandwich, quart and gallon bags.

Rack holds the bag open so your can pour or fill using both hands.

Also functions as a bag dryer.

Stores flat.


Set of 2: $9.95 (baggies not included).

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'Worst Beverage in America'


It's pictured above and described below.


Bonus: The 19 next most harmful drinks are also featured here.

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Kiss Me Personal Bad Breath Detector


5 LEDs range from Green ("Kissable) to Red ("Deadly").




Apply within.

[via GearFuse and SlipperyBrick]

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Crayon Totem Sculpture






Diem Chau.

[via KRonikle and Milena]

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Arch Ruler


"Its unique shape makes it easier to pick up and put down and locate on a crowded desk."



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