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May 28, 2010

Birds Still Warm From Flying — Jason Nelson


"An interactive-creatable poetry cube."

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History of Carrots


Did you know that until the 17th century, carrots were purple?

Me neither.

That's just one of many interesting things about carrots you will learn if you spend some time on the website of the World Carrot Museum.

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WAKE T-Shirt


Designed by


Phil Jones.

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Woodpecker Alarm Clock

By British product designer Natalie Duckett.

"Sleepers set a dial for the time between 6 and 9 a.m. they want to rise and, at zero hour, a metal 'beak' taps out a call on the nearest bedside object."

Interview with Ms. Duckett here.

Video of earlier prototype here.

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Double Handprint Mug


"Cleverly manufactured with double walls and two perfectly-placed handprints."


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Vuitton Ads Banned in Britain


Jeez, they're stricter than the App Store.

From Christina Passariello's story in yesterday's Wall Street Journal comes the news that "The U.K.'s Advertising Standards Authority Wednesday banned two Louis Vuitton print ads [above and below] that it says could have misled consumers into thinking its products are handmade, when in fact the luxury brand also uses machines."

I've seen both ads in recent months in U.S. magazines such as The New Yorker and The Atlantic.


I must say that I like their almost Vermeer-esque sense of quiet.

For those with time on their hands, the entire text of the Advertising Standards Authority adjudication concerning Vuitton — including number of complainants (3) and the particular advertising code clauses that were violated — may be found in their entirety here.

You won't find this stuff on any of the fashionista and style sites.

"Yo, joe — there's a reason for that."

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Wedding Ring Coffin — 'Give a dead marriage its proper, final resting place.'


"It's time to bury the past and move on to a new tomorrow."


According to company founder Jill Testa, "The personalized engraved messages that customers have ordered for the coffins include, 'He broke my heart but I broke the bank' and "The end of an error!'"

From $29.95.

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Best (and worst) book videos

"One book blog, MobyLives, recently started a contest for the 'Best and Worst Book Trailers,'" wrote Julie Bosman in the New York Times Media Decoder blog.

The winner, featuring Dennis Case, author of "Head Case"  is above; the loser — Jonathan Safran Foer promoting "Eating Animals" — is below.

Many more entrants — both winners and losers — here.

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By Judson Beaumont's Straight Line Designs.


Made from an alder log and an iPod dock.

Apply within.

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