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May 24, 2010

Copy machines as security risks

Fact: An image of every document copied on a digital copier is retained on the machine's hard drive.

It's not as if this is big news, as everyone seems to think after last month's CBS story: Over five years ago word was up and out on the web.

Bonus: That report also noted โ€” unlike the current flurry of stories โ€” that fax machines also have hard drives and store images of everything faxed.

You could look it up.

FunFact: Last Friday's PCMag.com Security Watch blog had an article headlined "Is Your Home Printer a Security Risk?"

Same root cause: Not only enterprise-level printers but even networked home versions may have a hard drive that retains a copy of everything printed.

According to Kevin Brown, delivery manager of custom testing at ICSA Labs, "It's not just newer and more expensive printers [and copiers] that have hard drives; the feature goes back to 2002 or earlier."

[via Paul Biba]

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