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June 1, 2010

Download 700+ Science Fiction Books Onto Your iPhone — Free


The way


we like it.

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Pantone Electronic Scale


5kg weight capacity.

Can be hung on wall.

Digital clock function.

Weight increase in 1g incremements.

Battery operated (batteries included).

Tempered glass platform, molded plastic body.

Purple (top), Raspberry, Lollipop, Calla Green, or Licorice.


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Robot Dogs of DARPA

Be afraid.

Be very afraid.

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Illustrator Mug


Pencil shavings printed on the inside bottom.

Bone china.


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"Ted Drewes Ice Cream and How Ted Lied to Me!"

Reader Cary Sternick returned from a recent trip to St. Louis with indisputable video evidence (above) that the legendary frozen custard outpost's claim — their milkshakes are called "concretes" — is in fact not always the case.

In the movie we follow Cary on his journey to the center of the Ted Drewes universe — the Chippewa Street location, right on historic U.S. Route 66, a sign for which can be seen early in the video — where he orders, is shown by the server how true the claim is, then proceeds to demonstrate that things aren't always as we're told they are.

You may scoff and point out that it was probably hotter than heck at the time (in fact, it was 88°F in St. Louis on that day) but hey, no one wants to hear about mitigating factors, do they?

If enough people enjoy the video, I may feature others from this auteur manqué, who for a long time believed his destiny was to be the world's greatest collector of Henry Altemus series books but appears to have had an epiphany late in life.

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Solar Street Kit


"Customize your tired trainers with these solar cells and LEDs."


"White or Mood Colour Changing Glow."


By Elena Corchero; made in Scotland.



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Best online clock EVER


Called "Letterform for the Ephemeral," it's by London-based photographer and graphic designer Amandine Alessandra.

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Terminator Toilet Paper


Wait a minute, joe....

From one website: "Nothing screams [yikes!] quality like Cheese Grater Toilet Paper."

From another: "A real man's toilet roll. For the man who is tough as nails, takes no crap from anyone, and is a true hard-ass."


Apply within.

[via Toxel and One More Gadget]

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