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June 8, 2010

Last Day Dream — by Chris Milk

[via Dahlia Rideout and divine caroline]

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World Cup Alarm Clock











Apiece, $10.99.

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Natalia Osipova — Episode 2: "Don Quixote"

Many readers asked for more and who am I to deny them?

The video up top is from her June 1, 2010 performance at the Metropolitan Opera House and like Monday's Episode 1 was recorded by tommyf663 who wrote, "Sometimes the camera goes off center but some good stuff. It is harder to do than it looks, people."

Yo, tommy — nobody's complaining.

On the contrary.

Can we have some more, please?

Note that Osipova enters about 2:40 into the video.

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Coke Man of Johannesburg


2,500 used Coke crates


surrounding a


scaffolding skeleton.

[via HurricaneVanessa and Cherryflava]

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What — and where — is this?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

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Billy Goat Potato Chips


A great chip — superb aroma, flavor, crunch and mouthfeel.

What more can you ask from a chip?

Resident auteur Cary Sternick discovered these chips on his recent trip to St. Louis.

Johnny-on-the-spot that he is, he whipped out his trusty Flip SlideHD camera and made a video right there in the store.

Have you no shame, Cary?

You don't?

Good — then you're just the person we want sending stuff here.

But I digress.

Cary was kind enough to send me two bags of Billy Goat chips — one each of the regular and limited-edition (two weeks) Kicker, both just arrived and consumed.

Long story short: "Billy Goat Chips were first given out with meals at the Billy Goat Restaurant and Bar, where they were more popular than anything else on the menu."

Co-owners Brian Roth and Rob Lyons closed the restaurant in December 2008 to concentrate on making and marketing their chips.

The rest is history.

Rave review at taquitos.net.

Currently they're available in the greater St. Louis area but who knows?

Call them and mention you found about them here and maybe they'll sell you some.

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Power politics: maps from the British Library


From The Guardian: "A new exhibition in London brings together 80 of the world's biggest and most beautiful maps, each bearing its own hidden political agenda. British Library curator Peter Barber has selected five of the finest for this gallery."


The show will remain up at the British Library through September 19, 2010.

[via Milena]

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iPad in iBook


"Dark Kyokucho(Chief) from Osaka, Japan takes a retro iBook and combines it with an Apple keyboard and iPad to create his 'iPad in iBook' design. To connect the keyboard to the iPad he used the iPad Camera Connection Kit."

[via Wholly's Blog]

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