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June 13, 2010

"Just got an iPhone 4G — it's delicious!"


Jim wrote that he's "just trying to make some cool pancakes for my daughter."

He continued, "Why wait for the iPhone 4G to come out when you can make one that is just as good out of pancakes?"

And: "I attempted to use blueberry juice and cocoa powder to make black, but it didn’t go too well. It’s not the most appetizing-looking thing in the world, but it tasted good. I tried to get Allie to hold it up to her ear so that I could take a picture, but she told me that 'it’s not nice to play with your food.' Wasn’t really sure how to argue with that one."

[via Ray Earhart]

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Become famous overnight: Find one of these elusive photos of Thomas Pynchon




Jonathan Glassow recently emailed me in reference to the August 29, 2009 post


"Every known picture of Thomas Pynchon" that there were also unknown photos,


in the sense of Donald Rumsfeld's classic formulation of known and unknown unknowns.


The list is up top,


now get cracking.


Above and below,


a reprise of every known picture of Thomas Pynchon.

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How to tune out the vuvuzela buzz on a Samsung TV


Timely, what?

Writes Cliff, "Menu/Vol/EQ it's Bb, so drop 300Hz and boost adjacent eqs. Save as Custom. Done!"

Neither of my TVs has an equalizer function, just bass and treble, so I'm out of luck.

Hope you're more fortunate.


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How to change centimeters to meters


If I'm grading this paper I'm marking this answer correct.

[via bennybb]

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Mighty Pump


From the website:


Quickly drain your outdoor pool cover, inflatable pool, garden pond, hot tub — any place with excess water.

Simply connect between two garden hoses and immerse — it's powered by the force of water pressure. 

No moving parts to break and no batteries to recharge or replace. 

Because it uses no electricity it's always reliable.

Heavy-duty plastic won't rust or corrode.

4" long.




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'The greatest movie scene ever?'

Back story here.

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What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

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Mike D'Alessio, "for reasons he can't fully articulate... felt moved to scan 67 years worth of old Radio Shack catalogs, page by page, and post them online."

[via Wired magazine]

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