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June 15, 2010

Top 10 Music Touring Acts of 2009

According to concert-tracking magazine Pollstar:

1. U2

2. Bruce Springsteen

3. Elton John and Billy Joel

4. Britney Spears

5. AC/DC

6. Kenny Chesney

7. Jonas Brothers

8. Dave Matthews Band

9. Fleetwood Mac

10. Metallica

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Thief Mug


"Fingerprints which appear to have been dusted by forensics."

I wonder whose they are?


Bone china.


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By Johnny Kelly.

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Koalabiner Purse Hanger


From the website:



The Koalabiner™ purse hanger is a carabiner-style clip designed to hang your purse from the handle of a shopping cart or baby stroller so you do not have to carry it on your shoulder or leave it in the cart basket while you are shopping.


You can also use the Koalabiner to hang a diaper bag from your stroller handle.

The Koalabiner offers a more secure way to hold your purse than placing in the cart basket, because the latch of the Koalabiner closes around the handle, preventing your purse from being easily removed.

The Koalabiner is made of lightweight but strong aluminum and makes an attractive accessory for your purse or bag.


• Enables hands-free access to purse while shopping

• Lets you hang bags from the cart handle

• Clips shopping bag handles together to prevent items from spilling out




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Life as a pie chart: When I am tired


Alas, this graphic is all too true for far too many people.

It certainly represents a significant chunk of my med school experience — especially afternoons during the first and second years, when the 1–5 p.m. classes seemed more than anything else to be exercises in enduring tedium.

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Crime Scene Toilet Paper


I can't speak for you but I've been in loos that could qualify....

From the website: "Become your own crime scene investigator with our Crime Scene Toilet Paper. Be a thoughtful person and place a strip in front of the bathroom door after each use!"

I think they need to reword that last sentence, don't you?



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17 ways to visualize the Twitter universe


Above and below, two of the 17.


In my Twitter universe there's no apparent rhyme or reason, at least not that I can detect.

Of course, as has oftimes been stated, absence of evidence does not equate with evidence of absence.

No matter how many times I hear that bromide, I have to think about it every time before I understand why it makes sense.

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Spun Chair — Episode 2: For the masses


Last week's Episode 1 introduced the high-end version of this piece designed by Thomas Heatherwick.

The protean British designer has been a favorite here for nearly six years, since I featured his now-iconic Folding Footbridge on October 29, 2004.

"First developed last year as a limited edition piece in brushed polished steel and copper, Spun turns from a sculptural seat into a kind of spinning top. The new, more democratic, version... comes in polyethylene, which is suitable for outdoors," wrote Nick Vinson in the June 5, 2010 Financial Times.

I took a look back and counted over 10 posts here featuring him or his work.


€250; apply within.

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