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June 30, 2010

Mae West Room in the Dali Theater-Museum

"A 1974 sculptural installation by Salvador Dali, based on his 1934 painting/drawing/collage 'Mae West (Face of Mae West Which Can Be Used As An Apartment).'"

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Gigglator Voice Changer — 'Shake for instant laughs'


From the website:


No matter if you're 8 or 80, you'll giggle your socks off with this amazing electronic laugh stick.

Simply record your voice or any sound, then shake, roll and slide the Gigglator to change your voice to staccato, low or high pitch, and everything in between.

Comes with 12 pre-recorded sounds including belches, laughter, and special sound effects.




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Where will you find these?



Hv bjnm ,m..



this time tomorrow.

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Stepped Tumblers


By Laurence Brabant.

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The answer is...


Three people said Chongqing, one Shanghai and one Beijing.

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Glass Straw — Episode 2:


As opposed to the single iteration featured in last month's Episode 1 , this site offers a number of handmade styles in a variety of lengths, diameters and decorative versions.


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British Cartoon Archive


From the website


It's located in Canterbury at the University of Kent's Templeman Library. It has a library, archive, and exhibition gallery, and is dedicated to the history of British cartooning over the last two hundred years. The BCA holds the artwork for more than 150,000 British editorial, socio-political, and pocket cartoons, supported by large collections of comic strips, newspaper cuttings, books and magazines. The collection of artwork dates back to 1904 and includes work by W.K. Hasleden, Will Dyson, Strube, David Low,Vicky, Emmwood, Michael Cummings, Ralph Steadman, Mel Calman, Nicholas Garland, Chris Riddell, Carl Giles, Martin Rowson, and Steve Bell, amongst many others.

The BCA Gallery is located within the Templeman Library, and is freely open without appointment during library hours. If you would like to carry out research in the BCA collections, or talk to a member of staff, the office is open on weekdays between 9.00am and 5.00pm.

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Side Chair


From the website:


This small chair of solid oak can be used in a hallway, a bedroom


or a fitting room to hang your clothes,


put down your bag or pile up magazines and books.


The top rail has been sculpted to create a hook.


The cross bar can be used to hang a pair of trousers or an umbrella.

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