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July 1, 2010

"Don't go on the Internet" — Miley Cyrus


Hey, who better to offer advice on the hazards of cyberspace?

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What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

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Limited-Edition Fig Leaf Wardrobe


By Tord Boontje.

Introduced at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan in 2008.

"The surface of the wardrobe is created from the hanging of 616 hand-painted (front and back) enamel leaves on an internal tangle of branches made up of a lost wax cast patinated by French sculptor Patrick Blanchard."

The copper leaves are "painted by some of the last remaining fine enamel painters in England. Each leaf varies across 10 basic shapes and custom-mixed colors."

"The silk-lined interior of the wardrobe was made by Gainsborough Silks of Sudbury, England, and the upholstery was executed by R.D. Robins Upholsterers of London."


Price on request.

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Kitchen Scale Clock


Hang it on the wall when you're not weighing things.

Batteries included.

Tare function.

20cm Ø.


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Cheap Pop Song

"Note: There is a hidden puzzle contained within the video."

Directed and produced by Rhett Dashwood.

Artist: Kumisolo.

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Ladder Stopper


Good idea.

Fact (mos def NOT a fun one): In the past six years, two men in my little subdivision (38 homes) have fallen off ladders and subsequently died, as a result of a fractured hip/pulmonary embolism in one case and a skull fracture/intracranial bleed in the second.

Fact: "... between 1990 and 2005 2,177,888 people from 1 month to 101 years old were rushed to emergency rooms across the country for ladder-related injuries."

You could look it up.

Fair warning.

Thick rubber; 26"W x 8"D x 2"H.


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If golf doesn't work out for Michelle Wie, she's got other talents


Above and below, work by the 20-year-old golfer, who only last year took up drawing


after her best friend, Meg Akim, sent her crayons and a sketchpad.

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Artist Mug


Bone China.



[via Running Dive]

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