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July 4, 2010

Why Germany will win the 2010 World Cup


Is it true that what's past is prologue?

Above, the most interesting graphic of the day.

thelizabeff is swooning with delight.

[via Autour d'un CaféSpace and Time and Mathematics, ILoveElectru and @moritz_stefaner]

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BacSac — "La nature est dans le sac" (Nature in a bag)


Wrote Nick Vinson in the June 5, 2010 Financial Times, "These pots are flexible and virtually weightless — an upmarket and more permanent version of the growbag."


"Made from UV-resistant, permeable double-walled woven and non-woven Geotextile fabric, they are more chic than most fancy planters, which can cost 10 times the price. They come as single units, window boxes and in squares as multiples of four, nine and 16, which can help create an instant garden on your terrace or balcony."


More (in French) here.

The collection here.


From €15, depending on size.

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World map of tourism hotspots


"Yellow indicates high touristiness, red medium touristiness, and blue low touristiness."

[via Information is Beautiful and bluemoon.ee]

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Irish Dance Socks


Michael Flatley, call your office.

"Women's medium (fits most)."


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How to write code — in Kyrgyz


Via Carl in Two Stops Past Siberia who writes, "You guys who know about programming can surely figure out what all is going on."

'Cause I surely can't.

[via LDJ]

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Toast Clock


Requires 1 AA battery (not included).

10"H x 9"W.


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Reflect Shower Mirror — "Makes the shower a perfect place to shave, shampoo and reflect"


From reader Matthew C. Lawyer (aptly named in that he is in fact a lawyer — among other things) comes the following: "I have a tip that may be of interest to you. My friend Nick Paget, who teaches industrial design at the Academy of Art University, invented a device that lets you shave in the shower without fogging up the mirror"

From the Reflect website: "Reflect is a showerhead and non-fogging shower mirror. Its patent-pending method uses incoming water to heat the reflective surface and prevent condensation. Water flows at less than 2.5 gallons a minute. Innovative and elegant, Reflect makes the shower a perfect place to shave, shampoo, and reflect. Made almost entirely of recyclable aluminum."



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