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July 13, 2010

Tin Foil Hut


Somewhere in Russia, at a secure, undisclosed location,


you will find a man who lives in the foil-lined hut


pictured above and below.


The good news: No need to wear one of those idiotstick hats.

[via English Russia]

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Proof of life — bookofjoe-style


Constant readers will know that I ofttimes prepare posts far in advance of their scheduled appearances.

In fact, I've already got several booked for the coming December holiday season and even one set for early 2011 (don't ask).

One problem with such pre-posting, as I've noted before, is that often links expire and are useless by the time the post appears.

Along with the fact that YouTube videos get taken down for copyright reasons and whatnot, especially when I've put them up right after they've appeared and the record company or whoever then finds them and asks YouTube to remove them.

But the bigger problem, I've come to realize, is that such advance posting causes a certain lack of spontaneity in bookofjoe.

I don't know that you can tell when something's been written months earlier but I can and I'm not so sure I like it very much.

So I'm going to cease and desist to the extent I can from scheduling stuff way ahead and instead try to be more contemporaneous — or at least make some allusion in posts begun earlier to stuff that's going on right now.

And that's all I have to say about that.

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MorphWorld: Milton Bradley's Simon into Google Chrome


Imitation, the sincerest of flattery.

Wilde, right?


[via Zaius Nation]

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Nikola Tesla's life in under 3 minutes

This protean man, a scientific colossus if ever there was one, is largely forgotten now by hoi polloi except for a car named after him.

Elon Musk knows.

Mark Hall sent me a link to the video up top.

[via Neatorama]

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What is it? (circa 2080)


Laugh all you want now, but stop by in 70 years and see what people say.

Somewhere, Nicholson Baker is crying.

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Piano for the bedridden


Long before Jim Levine perfected the treadmill workspace, some anonymous genius created the formidable apparatus pictured above.

[via Milena, Autour d'un Cafe and Nationaal Archief]

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Goldfish Cracker Anatomy


"Things are seldom what they seem...."

[via MoistProduction and bennybb]

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NY to LA Tables


Powder-coated black, silver or red tubular steel legs and frame. 

White, Orange or Red Corian® top; also in Bamboo.

Designed by New York-based Faktura Studio.

18" x 18" x 37".


Apiece, $320.

[via SpaceInvading and muuuz]

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