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July 16, 2010

Helpful Hints from joeeze: Online dating — what not to say in a first message


"Dating site OKCupid examined which words in an opening email from men to women increased or decreased the chances of a reply."

[via Information is Beautiful]

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Bendy Bike


Can your bicycle do that?

Didn't think so.

From a July 8, 2010 Daily Mail [UK] story:



A young designer has invented a revolutionary folding bicycle that will stop thieves in their tracks.

Kevin Scott [pictured above and below], 21, designed the space-age bike that wraps around a lamp post so it can be locked-up safely.

The De Montfort University graduate used a ratchet system built into the frame of the bike to allow it to wrap around a pole, enabling a lock to be wrapped through both wheels and the frame.

Securing all the bike's components within the lock was his aim in creating the new bike. It also allows the bike to be stored in small spaces.

The frame can be ratcheted tight to allow the bike to be ridden like a normal bike, but it can be quickly loosened to allow the frame to be bent back on itself.


As such, finding a spot to lock it up on London's busy streets is a cinch - you simply wrap it around the nearest lamppost.

Mr Scott's creation is currently on show at the New Designers show at the Business Design Centre in Islington, North London.

He is hoping that his unusual cycle will catch the eye of a bike-loving backer who will enable him to develop it further.

More than 52 bikes are stolen in London every day, according to official figures.

A total of 23,748 bikes were reported stolen in London in 2009-10 — up 27.8 per cent on the previous financial year — but police believe that the true figure could be double that.



[via What The Cool and Milena]

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PlanetFeedback — 'Voice of one, power of many'


Great slogan.

"PlanetFeedback has been connecting hotheaded consumers with companies since 2000. Also find eloquently enraged letters from people demanding their $1.47 back," wrote Virginia Heffernan in her "The Medium" column in the May 16, 2010 New York Times magazine.

"... since 2000."


Only a decade behind, joe, not bad.

If you consider it on the scale of deep time.

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Flip Top Books


That's different.

From the website:


The flip-top cigarette pack is one of the most successful pieces of packaging design in history.

We have launched a series of books designed to mimic cigarette packs – the same size, packaged in flip-top cartons with silver foil wrapping and sealed in cellophane. 

The titles are by authors of great stature – classic stories presented in classic packaging; objects desirable for both their literary merit and their unique design.

Each story is complete and unabridged – with a type size that’s easy to read.

Individual books are great for throwing into a pocket or handbag – an instantly familiar object to carry with you.


Apiece, £8.67.


Six-pack in tin: £47.19.

[via Milena]

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AskOxford.com — "Ask the experts"


"We have built a database of some of the questions sent in to the Oxford Word and Language Service team, so it is likely that if your question is a fairly broad one on grammar, usage, or words then it will be answered here. Simply choose a category and then browse the list of questions."

Free, the way we like it.

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Porcupine Coffee Table


By Atlanta-based designer/craftsman Robert Brou.


"The top is a slab of claro walnut with an English walnut graft line."


"There are over 100 zebrawood quills of varying lengths protruding from a mound of black walnut."

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How to make a flare out of a pencil sharpener*

*Requires blowtorch.

Me, I'd have a working fire extinguisher somewhere in the vicinity before undertaking this project.

But that's just my little old lady wearing a belt and suspenders while giving anesthesia voice speaking.

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Nesting Knives


Designed by Brussels-based Mia Schmallenbach, "Meeting is a set of kitchen knives: paring knife, carving knife, chef's knife, filleting knife and a block. They all appear to be sculpted from a single piece of stainless steel."


"The proportions are determined by the Fibonacci sequence using the average width of a human hand as its base."


Made in France by Deglon.


$949 AUD.

With a wood block,



[via OhGizmo! and Milena]

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