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July 29, 2010

Seat Buddy


From the website:



Seat Buddy holds your iPhone or iPod touch securely as it hangs from an airline tray, treadmill, car headrest or glove box, letting you watch a video or movie hands-free


Developed by an airline pilot, Seat Buddy features a wraparound design that cushions and protects your iPhone or iPod touch.


Its rubber silicone straps pinch between airline seat-back trays and easily attach to car headrests via the included Velcro fastenings.




[via 7 Gadgets]

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Wrote Andrew Sylvester of this website, "It uses Google to translate any phrase from English to 56 other languages and back again, with often funny, usually bizarre, sometimes even insightful/ironic results. My favorite example so far is actually someone complaining about the site: 'OK, I'm sorry to be the curmudgeon but I get the translator part, I'm just not seeing the funny part.'

... 56 translations later we get:

'Oh, sorry, I know, I think it sounds great.'"

What I like is the identifying description at the tippy top of the browser, which reads: "Funny Translator — Formerly Bad Translator"

Does that mean that's OK to change the name of that dark Abel Ferrara film starring Harvey Keitel from "The Bad Lieutenant" to "The Funny Lieutenant?"

Maybe it loses something in translation.

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SanDisk Extreme Ducati Edition Flash Drive




From $69.95 retail but you might have to visit eBay to find one.

[via AT Casa]

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Legend of Zelda ABC


[via bennybb]

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Giant Magnetic Car Band-Aid


From the website:


Great to have on hand in case you ding someone's car and you're having a hard time breaking the news — just slap it on and lighten the mood.

And if your car has an unsightly rust spot or scratch, just patch it up with one of these magnetic auto bandages — it's easy to apply and remove without damaging a car.

Auto-Aid is also MUCH cheaper than bringing your car to a body shop, so you can save more money for a new car.

The jumbo-sized magnet — 17" x 5" — works great on those larger dings.



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Art of the Serpent — by Guido Mocafico


From Escape Into Life:


"Parisian artist Guido Mocafico


doesn’t use paint, clay or a chisel to create these brilliant works of natural art.


His art form is smooth, silent and scaly-skinned,


the living creatures of the serpent world.


Earlier this decade, Mocafico began photographing a wide variety of living snakes in a color-neutral environment.


The close-quarter confines in these images cause the snakes to wrap and overlap amongst each other,


creating amazing shapes and patterns of bodies and colors."

[via Milena]

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What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

Hint: It's not bigger than a breadbox.

But it's not a whole lot smaller, either.

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Readability — "A simple tool that makes reading on the Web more enjoyable"


Sounded good to me.

Until I came to Step 2: "Add your bookmarklet."

When I see the word "bookmarklet" I — like every other card-carrying TechnoDolt™ (and believe me, 99% of people online are just that) — run as fast as I can for the exit.

But just this once I tried to follow the instructions: "Drag the READABILITY badge to your browser's bookmark toolbar. When visiting a Web page worth reading, simply click the link to enable READABILITY."

It worked.

Style me impressed.

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