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July 31, 2010

Inception Flow Chart: Are you in a dream?


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Beer Saver — "World's first silicone beer bottle cap"


"Designed to help keep beer fresh after opening and to help identify your beer."

"They come in multi-colored sets of 6 — the perfect party pack."


Sounds like a plan.

6 for $7.99.


No, clifyt — no one has any intention of getting these for you.

We already know you think this is possibly the most useless invention of all time.


Thank you for your support.

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100 years ago — 1910 U.S. Census lists "Chief Cities of the U.S."


Times change.

Who wouldn't like a look at the 2110 list?

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Burger Eclipse


You need a better telescope.



how's that?

By dschwen.

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I write like... and the answer is:


Hey, don't diss me — I'm just the messenger.

And the writer, true.

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Giant Inflatable Queen's Chair


Who died and made the doofus in the photo below king, like the ad copy makes him out to be?

Does this company not understand that half the population is female, and that significantly more than half the population which might buy this chair — some for themselves and some for their goofy others — are women?


From the website:



It's time for you to become the KING.

Treat yourself or someone you know to royalty.

This giant inflatable King's Chair inflates to a whopping 65 inches tall and 40 inches wide.

It comes with two cup holders so you'll always have your favorite beverage by your side.

It can be used as a throne for a competition winner, a regal chair for Santa Claus, as a prop, or just for someone's office, apartment or college dorm room.

It's a great addition to a guy's man-cave.

Does not come with a pump.



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Human-Powered Hydrofoil (Wasserläufer) — Episode 3: Back to the 50s

More precisely, to 1953, when German engineer Julius Schuck demonstrated it (above), taking it out for a jaunt on the Isar River in Munich.

This would seem to put paid to the claim, noted here last Saturday, July 24, 2010 in Episode 2, that Swedish engineer Alexander Sahlin invented the machine in the 1990s.

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Hang Anywhere — "Because drying wastes energy"


The creative thinkers at The Way We See The World responded to the "Care To Air" Design Challenge


with the Hang Anywhere red straps pictured above and below,


sewn into Levi's back pockets and able to be looped around to the front button to


"hang anywhere."

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