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July 28, 2010

Blast from the past: Weird pizza cutter


For a while there it seemed every week brought a post featuring a new tool for cutting pizza.

You could look it up.

Then I finally gave in to the onslaught of email and comments saying "Enough, already."

But I figure by now maybe most people here are either new or have forgotten those other posts so I'm gonna try and sneak one more by.

This one's called the Scizza Pizza Cutter.

Does "Scizza" rhyme with "pizza?"

Who knows?

From the website:


Tired of damaging your plates and trays as you slice up your evening's pizza?

The ingenious Scizza Pizza Cutter offers a clever solution for pizza, quiche, pies and pastry.

The ergonomic scissors feature a flexible nylon base which easily slides between food and trays while protecting your non-stick coatings.

The top blade cuts cleanly through your dish, preserving its appealing look.

Made from hardened German stainless steel, the device features comfortable soft-grip handles and a handy safety lock.

Perfect for cutting on any surface, it protects your plates and trays from the potentially damaging pressure of knives and traditional pizza wheels.




[via crookedbrains]

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