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July 30, 2010

Measuring spoons-in-a-cup


Why make yourself even more miserable when you're feverish, sniffling and can't see straight, trying to measure your NyQuil or Pepto-Bismol or whatever into a spoon and slopping it everywhere?

Think outside the kitchen space.

From the website:


Mini measuring cup is just the thing for those small kitchen measuring tasks. 

Why struggle with pouring liquids into measuring spoons, only to spill some of the contents while you’re at it? 

Glass jigger measures up to 6 tsp., 2 tbsp., 1 oz. and 30 ml. increments. 

Easy-to-read markings encircle the 2¼"H cup. 

Ideal for liquid medicines, too.


$4.98 .

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