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July 11, 2010

Thomas Pynchon speaks

The reclusive writer, now 73, last year did a voiceover for Penguin Press's trailer (above) for his latest book, "Inherent Vice."

He wrote the script before narrating it "in his rarely heard, rather compelling, Jeff Bridgesian voice," wrote Pamela Paul in today's New York Times.

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No one ever made me want to plunk down $27.95 like this guy!

Stubborn as I am, I'll make a Post-it-note and keep it clean enough to

buy the book for $10.99 + shipping 2 years or less from now on Amazon.

Posted by: Joe Peach | Jul 11, 2010 6:36:01 PM

It's a rainbow day for me.

Posted by: 6.02*10^23 | Jul 11, 2010 5:07:16 PM

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