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July 26, 2010

Twitter Doctors


The headline over the story that came in from Shawn Zehnder Lea read, "'Twitter Doctors' Lists Medical Kings of Social Media."

Silly me, I got all excited, certain I was about to read all about how I'd been anointed without even knowing it had happened.

Erm, not quite.

There was no coronation because it turns out that in the Twitter Doctors scheme of things, Dr. Drew, host of "Loveline," is #1 of 1,127, with an influence ranking of 75.

My influence ranking of 17 on page 21 (top) puts me way down deep underground, where the air doesn't circulate and no light penetrates.

Oh, well.

I'll try to do better and work my way up the ladder but I'm not optimistic about my chances.

On the  brighter side, that's page 21 of 76, so I'm in the top 28%.

Lies, damned lies and statistics, yeah, I know....

Keep 'em coming, Shawn.

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