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July 30, 2010

Video Barbie


Excerpts from Warren Buckleitner's article in yesterday's New York Times follow.



The Barbie Video Girl Doll ($50, Mattel, for ages 6 and up) looks just like a regular Barbie, but a closer look reveals a camera in her pendant [above],


and a postage-sized color screen on her back [above and below], peeking through her blouse.


“Creepy!” said nearly every boy I showed her to; “Cool!” said the girls, who immediately got the idea of the toy — to make movies from Barbie’s point of view.

Below, an x-ray of Video Barbie's internal workings.


Powered by two AAA batteries (one in each leg), the doll can record up to 30 minutes of Webcam quality AVI video onto its 256 MB of onboard memory. You can watch your recordings on the doll’s screen, but with no sound. Or you can transfer them to your Macintosh or Windows computer by way of the included mini-U.S.B. cable.


Because the doll can be posed, she doubles as a pretty good tripod. Mattel estimates just over an hour of recording time per set of batteries.


Wait a minute... what's that music I'm hearing?

It's... it's Simon and Garfunkel — boy, that's the old Wayback Machine in action: "I said be careful her pendant is really a camera...."

That's not how it goes?

You sure?

His pendant, OK, got it.

Not that either?


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One question, one observation.

Where does the mini USB plug in?

The x-ray was kind of erotic.

Posted by: matt | Jul 30, 2010 1:45:59 PM

1 hour of recording from a set of AAA batteries?

I'm investing in the rechargeable battery companies....

Posted by: EEJ | Jul 30, 2010 1:42:32 PM

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