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July 14, 2010

World's best crutches


Hey, don't take my word for it.

Read what Gus Gustafson had to say about them in his recent review in Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools, edited by Oliver Hulland.



These are the best crutches in the world, no hyperbole. If you've ever used traditional crutches you might remember how painful they were to the hands and/or underarms. Not these. I first got them after a pair of forearm crutches became so painful to the hands. By redesigning how and where you hold them they reduce pressure to the underarm and hands. Like traditional crutches they are adjustable, based on your height.

I had an articular cartilage tear in my knee (femur, specifically), necessitating microfracture surgery, and subsequently used these crutches for 2.5 months. Being able to ambulate comfortably made the many challenges of recovery much less stressful. When I first got the crutches I adjusted the armrest angle to my desired setting and never felt like changing it. Over time I adjusted the height to be a little lower when I was non-weight bearing, as I felt it easier to get around without the tips hitting the ground. When I began weight bearing with a single crutch, I liked it a little longer to more easily reduce weight on the operative leg. I probably would have done the latter two adjustments with any type of crutch.


As for wear, the crutches have held up well. The foam on the arm rest has compressed somewhat, but is still comfortable and I don't think it will compress further. Anyway, it is something that could be easily cut away and replaced with a similar material by the user if that became necessary. Other aspects of the crutch do not show signs of wear after 2.5 months of use.

The other thing that's awesome about them is that you can safely go up stairs by actually holding the railing! By setting the arm cuff angle to about 70-80 degrees, it allows you to hold the unused crutch in the hand of the side that's using a crutch for support, leaving your other hand free to hold the railing. Incredible.



You want a second opinion?

No problema: M. Clifford's Cool Tools review follows.



I had knee surgery and have to be on crutches for 6 weeks, completely non-weight bearing on one leg. After 1 week on standard forearm type crutches (more common in many places than the underarm ones you see in the USA), my hands were KILLING me from all my 160 lbs. being put on my palms. I found these smart crutches, and have done some major walking on them: NO PAIN. I will say that I feel slightly more unstable on them compared to the regular forearm crutches, but I also have them set to like 70% to put all my weight on my arms, and almost none on my hands, which may contribute to that feeling.

For me, they were well worth the cost, even if my insurance won't cover them.


Video review below.

Black, Blue, Orange, Pink or Camo.

$125 a pair.

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