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August 8, 2010

2010 Social Network World Map


[via xkcd, 9gag and Flowtown]

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STOP Doorstop


"Classic superhero comic book motif."

4.5" x 2" x 0.75".

Silicone rubber.




In the previous post, both pictures feature genuine iPhones on the left and fakes on the right.

You could look it up.

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iPhone 4 with removable battery and 2 SIM cards — $100


Oh, yeah, one more thing: no contract.

You could look it up.

Or you could take Washington Post reporter Keith B. Richburg's word for it, from his story in today's paper about China's "gray market."

Which of the two phones pictured above is genuine and which is a fake?

Excerpts from the Post article follow.


Apple's iPhone 4G is not officially for sale yet in China and may not be for several months. But never mind. Both devices are readily available at a plethora of Chinese electronics malls in Beijing, Shanghai and all the major cities, in what constitutes China's lucrative telecommunications "gray market" that rivals -- and in some cases, surpasses -- the real thing.

There are plenty of fakes on the market, almost indistinguishable from the real thing, from the touch screen to the apps to the iconic silver logo on the back. They are known here as "Shanzhaiji," which loosely translates as "Mountain Bandit Phones."

Some illicit cellphones offer ever more advanced features that can outpace even the originals.

"It even has some functions the real one doesn't," boasted one phone vendor showing off a Taiwanese-made fake iPhone 4 at Beijing's Fang Shi Communications and Technology Plaza.

The fake iPhone's special features include a removable battery and a place for two SIM cards, meaning the user can have two phone numbers ring for the same phone.

"You almost can't tell the difference between this and the real thing," said a vendor, nicknamed "Huzi," explaining that he has sold more than 4,000 since the fakes came on the market a few months ago. It says "iPhone" on the back, with the Apple logo. It even uses real iPhone accessories, like the charger and the earphones. The only difference is the price -- about $100, with a little bargaining.

BDA, the advisory group, said in an analyst's report last year that the illicit phone-makers as a group were China's biggest handset exporter and were poised to become even larger overseas, thanks to their cheap prices, well-established distribution networks, and their ability to customize the clone phones for local users -- like a phone marketed in Kenya with President Obama's likeness and a "yes we can" ringtone." The report said foreign countries would soon replace China as the main market for the Chinese-made fake phones.

Flora Wu, principal analyst with BDA in Beijing, said in an e-mail that legitimate iPhone handset sales in China in the first half of this year were 800,000, compared with 2.5 million smuggled handsets sold.



Again, which of the phones just above is the original?

Answer here next post.

[via Alibaba Trade Forums]

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Samurai Underwear


"Designs styled after actual armor of famous shogun and samurai."



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Everybody was Kung Fu fighting


"A group of sculptures, titled China Kongfu, crowd a square in Foshan, China. Artist Shu Yong's exhibit will be displayed at the World Expo in Shanghai this month."

[via the New York Post]

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Air-Conditioned Bed


"Extremely quiet dual fans at the foot of the bed pull in cool air from behind your head and circulate it through the soft membrane, which also acts as an air cushion to support you."


More: "This bed uses very little power, costing only $.24 per month if used eight hours nightly."



[via Utility Journal]

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How Bing and Google Image Search see bookofjoe


Above and below, what the two powerful search engines returned when "bookofjoe" was entered into their query boxes.


Can you tell (without doing it yourself) which is which?

And which one do you prefer?

I find it beyond fascinating — although considering how many thousands of images could have appeared, perhaps it's no big deal — that there is zero overlap of images: no single image appears on both.

I'll clue you in on which is which at this time tomorrow.

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Mini Twist 28-Corner Eraser Stick


Beyond kawaii.


Hard on the heels of last Wednesday's full-size version


comes this very nifty twist-to-use


retractable eraser stick.


Pink or Blue.



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