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August 26, 2010

Yma Sumac — "Wimoweh"

Diana McLellan, commenting on yesterday's tribute to George David Weiss, wrote, "What about Yma Sumac? Now, that was a blast...."

Diana, your wish is my demand.

Wait a minute....

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Indoor Faucet Hose Connector


I won't ask why you need this if you don't ask how I knew you've always wanted one.


I will note that this would be a quick and dirty way to have an outdoor shower even if you have no outdoor hose connection, besides which it would let you have warm water.

From the website:


Converts a household faucet to enable use of any standard garden hose.

Easily attaches to most long neck kitchen and/or utility faucets.

Easy to install — no tools required.

Ideal to fill aquariums, waterbeds or to water patio plants.




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I can't believe it: Finally, a great banner ad


Is it possible that the advertising cognoscenti are emerging from their shellshocked post-paper-demise bunkers and smelling the Zeitgeist don't you dare sidetrack me by telling me that's a mixed metaphor oh no you don't I didn't just fall off the turnip truck though in fact once I did have the most delicious roast turnips I don't remember when or even what country or continent it was on but like I said I won't stand for your trying to get me off-topic no that's not the kind of thing I cotton to not when I'm giving major kudos to the ad company responsible for the ad up top not something you'll see in a newspaper or magazine but clearly created for web eyes like mine and yours you can't just repackage your dreary print dots into pixels and expect anyone to even look at them much less click on them wake up before it's too late let's hear from the person/people responsible for "I Can't Believe You Don't Have Life Insurance" the variation in type size is key to why the ad pops and works hey who asked you joe what do you know about online advertising or any other kind for that matter you're just a brain-dead anesthesiologist who's breathed too much unscavenged waste gas for too long besides which you're tethered to a treadmill all day so how the heck do you know what a typical person likes or doesn't?

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Leather Office Chair: $69.99


How is this possible?


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Flickr Hive Mind — "Almost certainly the best search engine for photography on the web"


I won't argue.

More: Flickr Hive Mind is a data mining tool for the Flickr photography database."


Fair warning: there goes the day.

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my egg & soldiers


To say I'm a creature of whimsy understates things.


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Peyton Manning being added to Mount Rushmore?


Not likely.

Above, the face of Chief Crazy Horse at the memorial being carved out of the Black Hills near Custer, South Dakota.

[via the New York Post Pix iPad app]

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Limited Edition Cynthia Rowley x Johnson & Johnson Band-Aids


14 different designs including "strips of sequins, gold chains and lace, as well as square-cut bandages that look like jewels....packaged in two different arty tins...."






[via Karin Nelson and the New York Times]

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