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August 15, 2010

Adjustable Heat Hot Sauce




Whether you’re a full-on chili head or just want a touch of added flavor, Dave's Adjustable Heat Hot Sauce accommodates all of your hot sauce


The specially designed twist top allows you to choose your level of heat.

A nozzle mixes your chosen brew, rationing out the correct amount of each sauce to create your perfect spiced condiment.

This is perfect for someone like me who’s rather picky about their heat.

Sometimes I like to feel my sinuses boil. Other times I just prefer a mild sizzle.



[via Cool Material and Milena]

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Convenient in one bottle, as I have to do this manually because of the difference between my own and my wife's tolerance and enjoyment of hot sauces. I keep a few small bottles of the hot stuff around to spice things up after I've flavored them for her taste buds.

I do wish that more hot sauce vendors would consider the flavor a lot more than they seem to, as most seem to be concentrating sorely on the level of heat inside....

Posted by: EEJ | Aug 18, 2010 7:13:37 PM

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