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August 15, 2010

Fashionista Shower Caps


What took so long?

I've got my eye on the purple one below.


Your choice may vary.

That's OK.

It's a big tent here.


From the website:



Banish bad hair days for good with ZAZZ Shower Caps, a glamorous beauty solution with style that suits all complexions and hair types. 

ZAZZ Caps are designed for women who struggle to find a shower cap that’s both functional and enhances their natural beauty. 

Our fabrics and designs are luxurious, feminine and bold. 


They add color to a morning complexion, style to a daily beauty regime and playful personality to a grooming essential.

The lightweight cap is made from a waterproof, ultra-thin Italian vinyl fabric and features a thin stretch elastic and ribbon detailing to protect the hairline from unwanted frizz. 

Available in two sizes, these luxury shower caps promise to meet your unique hair maintenance needs.




Note to ZAZZ: You need to offer gift cards yesterday.

Many people would love to give someone one of these but far more likely than not the one they choose will NOT be the one the recipient would've selected.

[via Hilary Howard and the New York Times]

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I thought these were fancy "Jiffy Pop" popcorn containers.

Posted by: Buckeye | Aug 15, 2010 10:17:51 AM

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