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August 12, 2010

Is this iPad 2?


And if it is, then how come I've got it instead of Gizmodo or Engadget?

I'm thinking the Cupertino lawyerbots are already mobilizing for their cease and desist order and calling the Albemarle County sheriff to stop by bookofjoe World Headquarters™ and confiscate the contraband.

Whether or not Jason Chen's lawyers are in the mood for an encore performance, I'm getting on the horn to my crack legal team, all offices: that would include my Pittsburgh, Houston, and Orange County outposts.

Check back at this time tomorrow for the full story.

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Not the iPad 2... The bottom left corner is shaped differently than the others. Apple would never do that. It's probably some cheap knock-off called jPad or something.

Posted by: SMC | Aug 14, 2010 9:51:43 PM

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