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August 3, 2010

Triple-Bladed Double Scissors


We knew nothing good would come from all this genetic splicing and dicing but this is ridiculous.

Mutant message right here in your face.

A scissors with two blades always knows where the paper goes, but one with three is never sure.

From websites:



Cutting slippery or oddly-textured material can sometimes prove difficult with normal scissors.

The clever design of these scissors gives you two scissors in one. 

Just choose which pair is right for the job and start snipping.

Opening the scissors reveals three blades — the top blade is a standard straight blade and the bottom blade is a micro-serrated blade.


The center blade is double-sided and works with either of the outer blades.

Utilize the top and middle blades together as a pair of straight scissors to cut ordinary things like paper.

Utilize the middle and bottom blades together to cut slippery material such as food plastic wrap, vellum, plastic bags, etc.

The fine zigzag design of the bottom blades can hold slippery material well.




[via Utility Journal]

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