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August 3, 2010

USB Power Receptacle — Be more green


I was gonna begin by writing "Some day all power receptacles will be like this."

But they won't.

First of all, USB is a transient technology: I'll bet it doesn't exist on new electronic devices in 10 years.

Wired electricity is a transient technology as well — though it's going to be about 25 years till it's obsolete.

From the product website:


U-Socket is a duplex AC receptacle with built-in USB ports that can power any device that is capable of being charged via a 5V power adapter, but without the need for the power adapter.

When a U-Socket replaces a traditional 3-prong AC wall socket, you can eliminate the clutter of AC adapters that stick out and take up space in your home or office.

In addition, U-Socket's energy-efficient design only outputs power through the USB port if something is connected to it.

This can save you up to $25 per year in reduced energy costs.



[via Utility Journal]

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