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September 3, 2010

The other bookofjoe

Bvj knl

Here is a strange tale.

Last Thursday I noticed tweets about book reviews (top) for bookofjoe in my Twitter feed, from one @Cat_Rector.

Who dat?

I had my crack research team investigate (they read the biography on the Twitter page) and they brought back the news that Cat_Rector is one Catherine Rector of Halifax, Nova Scotia, "a newly graduated public relations student with a passion for non-profits [she came to the right place]. My modest goal is to save the world."

The team then went deeper and discovered her blog, Twenty-Something in PR.

Don't stop there, I said, so on they went and found the other me, styling themselves @book_of_joe on Twitter and Book of Joe on Facebook.

Further exploration uncovered this website,


the home of a bookstore named Book of Joe located at the Harbourview Weekend Market.

"The Harbourview Weekend Market is a unique local marketplace nestled in the heart of downtown Dartmouth. Take the ferry from Halifax [Nova Scotia] and we are just a 10-minute walk along the Subenacadie Canal."

Well, there it is.

If you stop by, say "Hi" for me.

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World population by latitude and longitude


Bill Rankin


created these maps.

[via Nuclear Toast and paul.kedroskey.com]

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Scissors with integrated nutcracker


Can your scissors crack nuts?

From the website:


Precision-Cut Multi-Use Scissors

Just about the only scissors you'll ever need

Ergonomically designed comfort handle allows five-finger gripping for greater dexterity and cutting pressure. 

These multi-use scissors can be used left- or right-handed.

Corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

Precision curved blades.

Adjustable tension.

9" long.



Bonus: If you order now they'll throw in — absolutely free!! — a beautiful custom hardwood holder.

Still not convinced?

Well, guess what: that's not all!

You also get an integrated bottle/can opener — at no extra charge!

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National Speed Trap Exchange



It's located at Speedtrap.org, where more than 60,000 posts from drivers just like you and me warn where and how speeders are monitored in towns and cities in every state and Canadian provinces.


Bonus: "While on the road, travelers can also use a free mobile phone app called Trapster, which beeps when a trap is approached."


"Red-light cameras, police checkpoints and traffic also are monitored," wrote Kitty Bean Yancey in today's USA Today.

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White Socks Duvet Cover


That's different.





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Slow Down Dog Bowl


The pleasure police now extend their purview into the canine space, seeking to put paid to one of a dog's few pure pleasures: eating.

Give Fido a break, I say.

Here's what the website says:


Slow Down Your Pet's Eating — For His Health's Sake

Specially designed bowl has four raised prongs that pets have to eat around, forcing them to slow down.

This reduces choking or vomiting, and is much better for their digestive system.

No-tip shape with nonslip bottom.

Durable dishwasher-safe plastic.

For wet or dry food.




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Free access weekend at Ancestry.com

"Ancestry.com's full collection of United States immigration records will be searchable free today through Monday, September 6."

Ancestry.com's United States Immigration Collection "... has 170 million records including lists of passengers who immigrated by ship to America between 1820 and 1960, more than seven million citizenship and naturalization records, border crossings and passport applications," according to a story in yesterday's New York Times.

Get busy.

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Edamame Phone Charm


2.3" long, soft PVC.




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