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September 11, 2010

Lady Gaga in 5-Hour Energy Commercial?

If not, the woman in the spot up top who looks like her could make a ton of money being a Lady Gaga impersonator.

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Jimmy Choo x UGG boots













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Michael Caine is "Harry Brown"

It's a funny thing: as I watched this film last night, completely absorbed (once again the movie enjoyment acid test — how often I look at the clock while watching [in this case, never] — proved its objective efficacy), it occurred to me that I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.


It's kind of dour and depressing, very subdued, with occasional episodes of graphic (but not gratuitous) violence, most of which appear in truncated form in the trailer up top.

The entire film is Michael Caine, such that I can't imagine anyone else playing his role as a lonely widower pensioner living in a trashy British estate plagued by gang and drug violence.

Caine and Sean Connery are my favorite actors and have been for many years and I see no sign either has lost a step.

I've noticed increasingly often in recent years that while I may enjoy a movie or book or song immensely, at the same time it's a subtype of enjoyable experience that is peculiar to me and my nature, not likely to be replicated when someone else watches or reads or listens to it.

From time to time I will feature things that fall under this rubric while, as is the case here, being careful to point out you're not likely to have the same response.

Caveat lector.

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Oni (only need one knife)


From the website:


How annoying is using a handful of different tools just to make a sandwich?

More tools mean more mess and more to wash up.

Normally you have to use one knife to spread the butter or jam, then another knife to cut the fillings and sandwich, and then you battle with tearing the plastic wrap.

Oni has combined all three everyday tools into one — a razor-sharp chef's blade on one side, a brilliant spreader on the other, and a clever plastic wrap cutter built into the handle.

Gxfchvjbkjv cbn

Hollow-ground German stainless steel blade creates air pockets to easily cut foods like tomatoes and cheese without them sticking to the knife.

Oni's unique tip easily pierces food packaging and lets you scrape everything out of a container without scratching it or tearing your bread like a pointed knife does.

Spread anything, cut everything and with one swift motion wrap it all up — job done and you only have one tool to clean up.

Use Oni at home or take it with you to work, it does it all and you only need one knife.

• Blade length: 12cm/4.7"

• Total length: 23cm/9.1"

• Weight: 70g/0.15lb



Red or Charcoal.


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Up from the vault: 85 years of treasures from the Warner Bros. photo lab


"165 images, some famous – and many extremely rare or literally unseen – will grace the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Grand Lobby Gallery in this comprehensive photography exhibition, which showcases the remarkable archive amassed during the past 85 years by the Warner Bros. photo lab."

The gallery is located at 8949 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, California.

The show opens next Thursday, September 16, 2010, and will be up through December 12, 2010.

[via a reader whose identity I've forgotten; please let me know if you want credit]

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USB Power Receptable — Episode 2: Cheaper, better, and uglier


Life is full of trade-offs, what?

Last month's iteration was comparatively more stylish and more expensive ($19.95 v $12.85) than today's entry.

There's no question, though, that the one presented for your inspection above leaves you with a total of three instead of two usable power outlets as well as a pair of USB ports.

In addition, this one includes an integrated shelf on which to place your device while charging, as well as a charging indicator light.

So what's it gonna be?

Form or function?


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What does a sound look like?


Long story short: "Fingerpaint with sound. Just touch the screen while you make a sound and colorful paint appears. Touch the paint to play back the sound."

Here's Warren Buckleitner's story from the September 9, 2010 New York Times.


An App That Lets You Create Visual Art With Sound

What if you could see a sound? What would the sound of wind chimes look like? Would it look different from the sound of your voice or a flute?

These are the types of questions one might ponder after being bumped on the head by a low beam, or perhaps if one is enrolled as a doctoral student at the M.I.T. Media Lab.


Eric Rosenbaum and Jay Silver, students at the M.I.T. lab, had been thinking about the phenomena of using computers to simulate synesthesia, a condition in which different senses, like sound and sight, are combined. And that’s when they had a brainstorm for an iPhone application.

“We were sitting in Jay’s living room one day when it struck us that we could combine the iPhone’s multi-touch screen and microphone to do what we wanted,” Mr. Rosenbaum said. The resulting app, Singing Fingers, which is free, was published last month; an iPad version is planned.

So now you can use the app to experience synesthesia yourself. Starting with a blank white screen, drag your finger slowly while simultaneously making a sound. As your fingertip moves, it makes a line that is driven by the pitch and loudness of the sound. Loud sounds make fatter lines; higher pitches make different colors. Sing a major scale and you can make a rainbow pattern.


To play your sound back, trace your finger back over the drawing. And here’s where things get interesting. If you drag your finger quickly, your sounds are played back just as fast, providing a new way to fool around with sound.

So far, the App Store ratings have produced an inverse bell curve, indicating a love-hate relationship between downloaders and the app. The haters can’t figure out how to sing and draw at the same time and question the sanity of anyone who would spend so much time making such a thing. Obviously, they’ve never attended graduate school.

The lovers, including the children I tried it with, fell in love with it, but only after they figured it out. They learned how to hide hidden sound messages in their doodles, and delighted in collecting sounds, and playing them back in funny ways.


Parents should note that this is not a quiet, peaceful app, yet it works best in a quiet space, where the microphone can pick up pure sounds. In addition, the drawing resolution is limited; an issue that Mr. Rosenbaum said he and Mr. Silver planned to address in the iPad version.

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Legal Pad T-Shirt


It's what lawyers wear on Halloween.

Or it should be.


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