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September 10, 2010

Raindrop Muffler — "Stop noisy downspouts"

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Where else you gonna find this kind of stuff?

From the website:


Rain Quiet Downspout

Place this waterproof insert in your gutter to end annoying raindrop noise that keeps you awake.

Insert virtually eliminates noise, allowing water to flow out quietly and freely. 

Installs in seconds using a pencil and scissors.

Fits most downspouts.

2-5/8" x 6".


"... using a pencil and scissors?"

Speak it.


I've had to deal with a noisy downspout for many years.

It's about 10 feet from my sleeping self, at the junction of a downspout and a short gutter that carries water to another downspout that goes to ground level.

I find that an ordinary cheapo sponge, wedged into the gutter at the base of the downspout, completely arrests the water drop-on-metal sound.

Torrential rain and wind sometimes dislodge the sponge such that I have to reinsert it or another, not a big deal.

Highly recommended quick and dirty fix.

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Joe, if you're into gutter mufflers you may really get off on these owens corning gutter guards, a rigid foam-like material that completely fills in the gutter, allowing rain to flow through but stops leaves from dropping into the gutter.


Posted by: rob | Sep 10, 2010 10:01:10 PM

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