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September 9, 2010

Tire inflator with integrated pressure gauge/locking nozzle/bleed valve


I featured a more expensive/less tricked-out version of this device back on June 8, 2008.

Here's what Mike Polo, reviewing the iteration pictured up top in the latest edition of Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools, edited by Oliver Hulland, had to say about it.


I have always hated inflating my tires. It's always a struggle to keep the inflator nozzle pressed against the tire valve stem while alternating between inflating and checking the tire pressure.

I recently got one of these clip-on tire inflators. It lets me quickly and easily inflate my tires without needing to remove the nozzle to check the pressure. You clip it on, and your tire pressure appears on the gauge. Then you just pull the trigger to inflate. If you over-inflate, you can easily bleed off pressure.



Note: I purchased the one I featured in 2008 and have been very pleased with it. The locking chuck and bleed valve are transformative features when it comes to inflating tires and checking their pressure.

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