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October 10, 2010

Dead man walking: World's 21 most deadly cities for pedestrians


Compiled by GOOD magazine.

American cities took the top 11 spots, led by Atlanta and Detroit.


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Lipstick Wheel


Wrote Hilary Howard in the October 6, 2010 New York Times, "The French company Make Up For Ever is providing a disc-shaped lipstick-shade finder (above) in Sephora stores, where the line is sold. It is to accompany Rouge Artist Intense, its new 50-color lipstick collection. The finder takes into account skin tone and hair color to come up with the ideal hues of pink, red and beige."

Can't make it to the store?

No problem: try it here.

[via Lipstick Rules and Beauty and the Blog]

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What is it?


Below, a close-up.


Answer here this time tomorrow.

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Pop Culture Matters — "Your pop culture news channel"


Never heard of this site before this morning when Cary sent me a link to it, adding "We're all over it!"

Well, I suppose he could say "we" seeing as his name does appear (below, upper left hand corner)


but I was more struck by the fact that bookofjoe appears on the home page, via posts and tweets, 17 times.

Jeez, looks like my newest fan club.

From the site:


Mattters offers easy, single-click access to high quality, real-time, news and stories about the thousands of topics that the major news organizations ignore, but which really, really matter to the rest of us.

Each website and tweep is hand-picked by our staff after laboriously researching, examining, poking, probing and dissecting it/them. Those that are consistantly the most interesting, the most relevant, that have the nicest photos and in-depth news or interesting speculations are preferred.

We don't care if a website is a major website or just has a few dozen visitors each month — if they have great content, we love them!

Its all about helping everyone "follow their interests." We hope to make this so easy and fun that we can follow interests we never knew (or had forgotten) we had!


Whoever's behind this site, keep up the good work.

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Invisible Paint


"Available in 8 colors." 


Wait just a minute... you're telling me invisibility comes in colors?

I guess so.

Aerosol or Brush-on: $19.25.


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Her future's so bright she's gotta wear a lot of shades


Above, "a model for French designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac walks in the shades to show off his spring/summer collection."

[via the New York Post Pix iPad app — free, the way we like it]

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Phenomena Screen


By Sang Hoon Kim,


"who said his inspiration was...


the way that light


moves over time."




depending on size.

[via Tim McKeough and the New York Times]

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Mind — by Jorie Graham









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