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October 15, 2010

Goat Bridge

goat bridge at a farm in Elkton, Maryland.

One commenter wrote, "This is Goat Disneyland."

I won't argue.

[via Nuclear Toast]

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Giant 4-Color Pen


From the website:


With four ink-color options in one great design, this pen is all about choices... all about fun.

Offering red, blue, black or green ink, it changes colors with a quick, simple click.

7-3/4"L  x 1"Ø.



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Hello Kitty x Ferrari


From Carscoop: "This is by far the most tasteless (and blasphemous) attempt to personalize a Ferrari we have ever laid our eyes on.


And if you think the 'Hello Kitty' decals and logos on the windows, mirror covers, engine lid and license plate holder as well as the customized exhaust tips are revolting, just wait till you see what the owner of this Ferrari 360 Modena, spotted in Jakarta, Indonesia, did to the supercar's interior.


Get ready to weep."

[via Nuclear Toast]

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Rhodia Mouse Pad: Exception to Rex Hammock's Law of Certs?


Rex recently formulated the Law of Certs, to wit: Things that purport to be two things in one are never as good at either as things that do just one.

Now comes Rhodia with a product whose website begins, "Notepad or mouse pad? It's both."

We shall see.

I've used Rhodia notepads exclusively for many years.

They're beautiful, a great pleasure both to use and to look at.

From the website:


Most of us use both a notepad at our desks and a mouse pad for computing, but here's a clever hybrid from Rhodia, manufacturer of fine paper, pads and notebooks since 1932.

The notepad cover offers the perfect landing for your computer mouse.

In fact, that's why the paper is attached at the bottom and left side of the pad — so the cover won't curl as you use your mouse.

• Creates an instant mouse pad on any surface; ideal for use with laptops

• Pages feature a 25-squares-per-inch grid format, printed in purple

• Nonstick backing keeps pad in place when in use

• 30 sheets of smooth, satiny 80-gram white paper

• Made in France

• 9"W x 7.5"H



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Maison Martin Margiela x bookofjoe


I was gobsmacked last week when I looked in (on my iPad) and saw that Google's AdSense bot had sifted through zillions of possible ads and advertisers only to conclude that the best fit for my post on refrigerator thermometers was the elusive Belgian designer's (according to Wikipedia "he has never had his picture taken") fashions.

I like keeping this kind of company and I don't care what I have to do to keep getting it.

Later in the day the same ad came up again, this time opposite a post (below) which might have been chosen on the basis of its color palette, for all I know.


If other odd and/or amusing juxtapositions of art and commerce occur in the future (in this case it's not exactly clear which is which), I'll put them up for our mutual amusement.

Well, my amusement, at least.

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Snake Rake


Every year brings new handle designs for rakes and snow shovels, each purporting to put paid to the usual back miseries accompanying their use.

I don't think any tool can make up for the fact that raking and shoveling employ major muscle groups otherwise rarely used with such intensity.

From the website:


This ergonomically-designed rake's unique bent design and two comfort-grip handles give you better leverage and allow for more downward pressure.

Rake even wet, matted leaves standing straight, alleviating stress on your back.

Offset rake head sweeps leaves to the side, instead of over your shoes.

Lightweight tubular aluminum handle adjusts from 58" to 64" high and pivots for left or right hand use.




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Michael Caine is Citizen Caine

Great Michael Caine tribute site for those who, like me, find him the apotheosis of actors.

[via a joehead who knows the difference between Cheltenham and Chequers]

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Shark Oven Mitt



[via Bem Legaus! and Rob Walker]

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