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October 21, 2010

100 million hand-painted porcelain sunflower seeds at the Tate Modern — and now you can't even walk on them

Long story short:


Chinese artist Ai Weiwei's new 


installation piece was unveiled


Tuesday, October 12, 2010,


with viewers encouraged to frolic among the seeds.


Two days later — Thursday, October 14 —


"the Tate decided that people would no longer be allowed to enter the work,


saying that the dust they stir up posed a health hazard,"


wrote Roberta Smith in an October 18, 2010 New York Times story.


"Now it can be viewed only from behind ropes or from the bridge that spans the Turbine Hall one floor up."

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Microwave Mixer — "Stir foods while they microwave for even heating"


If, like me, you find your microwave the most important appliance in the kitchen (not including the refrigerator, of course — you've got to have someplace to store the microwaveables), you'll want to take a close look at this formidable invention.

From the website:


Microwaves don't always cook foods evenly.

This microwave mixer attaches with a suction cup to the oven's ceiling.

While it stays in place, the circular motion of the turntable allows it to stir soups, pasta, sauces, etc. so they heat or cook evenly.

Includes two mixer heads, plus adjustable-height shaft. 

Dishwasher safe plastic.



I find the concept of a fixed stirrer, allowing the default rotation of the base to serve as the mixing engine, wonderfully creative.

Hats off to whomever thought this up.

$19.99 (microwave oven not included).

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"I Love USA" — by Hedi Slimane

Slimane stepped down as designer of Dior Homme and moved to Los Angeles to pursue myriad art, photography and film projects.

The video up top was shot for the fashion e-commerce site thecorner.com.

"This video project features two teenagers, Sydney and Wolf, who Slimane discovered at both the Coachella 2009 and 2010 festivals."

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USB Travel Shaver


"Cordless shaver with pop-out adapter plugs into any USB port on your computer and instantly charges the built-in battery."

"No more need for electrical adapters wherever you travel."

4" x 3".


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It's a matryoshka — by Paul Noth

Russian doll cartoon

His New Yorker cartoons of which the one above is an exemplar consistently stop me from turning the page while I think about them.

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Preserved Moroccan Lemons and Limes — "That's all!"


Sometimes it's enough to one thing well.

Lemon Lady is a purveyor of preserved Moroccan lemons (above) and limes (below), made the traditional way using top-of-the line Meyer and Eureka lemons and Calamondin or Rampur limes.

They make them in southern California and ship them all over the world.


8 oz. or 16 oz. jars: $6–$13.

[via a reader who knows the difference between Câreme and crème caramel]

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Dying Languages of the World

Languages 3

"For his new book, 'The Last Speakers: The Quest to Save the World's Most Endangered Languages,' K. David Harrison and his team traveled around the world to interview the few remaining speakers of dying languages, from Siberia to Bolivia."

The Last Speakers cover

When a language dies, so does a world view and a universe.

You can read the first 32 pages of Harrison's book here.

Informative October 2, 2010 Wall Street Journal graphic here.

Accompanying slideshow here and video here.

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Ribcage Ring — Richard Serra on your finger


Made from a square iron tube


by János Gábor Varga.


3.3 cm long.



Note that while the ring is listed as "sold" on the website, the website is Etsy.

Why does that matter?

Because for the most part those who market their wares there are not flush with cash, and will be more than happy to make another one for you as long as you pony up the simoleons up front.

"Simoleons" — haven't heard that one for a while, what?

[via Street Anatomy]

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