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October 29, 2010

BehindTheMedspeak: "Surgeons are mean people!"


Wonderful graphic just in from Richard Kashdan, as seen on 9gag.

How accurate is it?

Quite, in my case.

"Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard." Heh.

"Like A Surgeon."

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My ophthalmologist does most of his work in the dark, with a few VERY bright lights all shining on the back of MY eye.

The nicest doctor I ever met is a surgeon.

But I believe the left side is entirely accurate.

Posted by: Charlotte K | Oct 30, 2010 5:56:51 AM

You know, I've seen surgeons do crazy things. Sometimes it takes a crazy surgeon - with an ego larger than the planet - to believe that s/he can do what they are about to do. (Mom was a psychiatrist for 50 + years before retiring - and I'll say that the insight of shrinks is limited within their own families - from personal experience with my family and the 5-6 shrinks and their families I became well acquainted with in my youth...)

As for Crazy surgeons:

30 yr old W/M presents in ED - 0230 - ED Dx: Aortic aneurysm. Call to chest cutter on call (one of four who performed an average of two CABGs/day/5 days a week) to OR - I'm the perfusion tech (actually, I'm the supervisor and fill-in tech) and Kenny in the main lab is typing and crossing 5 units STAT - a buddy of mine (and, somebody Joe knows) was the CRNA on the 11-7 shift that morning.

I've received the blood pulled a chest kit and was prepping while the CRNA has his blue and green gasses and a slew of IV bags hanging - the circulating tech had not put in an appearance (on call) when our Chest Cutter walked into the OR in what looked like the worst golf outfit I'd ever seen - red plaid pants and a white polo shirt. He was barking orders to the two of us and asking questions that we had no way to answer (Is there a central line in? Haven't seen the patient - ED is competent - I'd bet that there is - but I don't know).

In about a minute a man in a gown was wheeled into the OR on an ED trauma gurney - and he did have a central line in - and, he was awake and alert X3. Then he gave a gasp and just lost consciousness . Chest cutter screams for a knife and a cracker - CRNA hands one and then the other to the Chest Cutter. The chest was cracked in under a minute - possibly less - and Chest Cutter stuffs his bare hand into the man's chest and put his thumb in the hole that had just "dissected" that aortic aneurysm. Chest Cutter yells for a urinary cath - I grab one and before you know it, the cath is in the Aorta, balloon inflated and the cath clamped and cut.

Bloody chest cutter tells CRNA - get him under and walks off to wash and gown - back in mere minutes.

The guy lived.

I had the opportunity to ask that patient if he had any memory of the evening that he was admitted - and he said that he remembered the ED.

Trauma, hypoxia or Ketamine - care to hazard a professional guess Joe, on why he didn't remember being cut open, sans anesthesia and in a far from aseptic manner?

This same surgeon was well known for throwing sternotomy staples when reopening a patient in tamponade. His 3-4 hr sleep schedule was a legendary constant (as were his numerous affairs).

Posted by: 6.02*10^23 | Oct 29, 2010 7:23:41 PM

First ever music Friday?

Posted by: Rocketboy | Oct 29, 2010 7:15:28 PM

My father-in-law was an ENT doctor who practiced for over 50 years. He did throat and ear surgery as well, but he distinguished himself from "classic" surgeons.

He said that most surgeons were "crazy" in his view. A normal person is repulsed by cutting someone open, watching the blood flow and messing about with internal organs. If this is the case, he said, aren't surgeons really repressed psychopaths? He didn't think much of them as a class.

Posted by: Paul Biba | Oct 29, 2010 5:00:10 PM

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