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October 2, 2010



Say whaa?

Never heard of that until I read this past Thursday's Washington Post story by Adrian Higgins headlined "Bird lovers see roaming cats as a major threat to many species."

I must say, birds are very seldom seen among the many victims of Gray Cat's predation around my environs.


In the past month alone she's brought home the following: rabbit, squirrel, chipmunk, mouse, frog, snake, lizard — no birds.

But I digress.

Toward the end of Higgins' article was the following: "Of course, turning an outdoor cat into an indoor cat is not as easy as it sounds. Sue Mandeville, a retired university employee and gardener in Springfield, Ore., said she tried to keep her three cats inside after they started catching birds. 'They became very angry at me,' she said, and showed it by marking parts of the house with urine. The standoff lasted three weeks, and 'everyone was miserable.'"


"Mandeville gave up on keeping her cats under house arrest; wondering how she could have them outside without killing birds, she came up with the idea of a bib. She cut up the leather tongue of her husband's boot and attached it like a shield hanging from the cat's collar. She refined the design and now uses two-millimeter-thick neoprene bibs that weigh 'less than a chickadee,' she said. 'It gently interferes with their timing and coordination,' she said. 'They can still climb trees and jump on counters and run,' but it makes them much less dangerous to birds. She sells the CatBib from her Web site, http://www.catgoods."



I do believe Flautist needs to weigh in here; I'm hoping she'll do so at length (as is well-known, there is no word limit here at bookofjoe — though there are those who believe it would be in everyone's best interest if there were... but that's another subject, for another post entirely).

*WWGS? (What would Garfield say?)


Never mind — this site is G-rated.

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So sorry I couldn't weigh in on the day, but I have been inordinately distracted by trivia like jury duty and selling my soul to make ends meet (no buyers yet). I hate that, when the truly important stuff, like making fatuous, circumlocutory comments in these august pages, goes right into the sh*thole. But I, um, divagate.

The CatBib. Ah, yes. Several years ago I had a large, handsome classic b&w tux cat named Maynard. He showed up a young adult stray in my yard one day and I immediately whisked him away to be de-balled and vaccinated. He was the strongest cat I ever knew - could jump 7 feet into the air from a sitting position. I never saw birds in Maynard's groceries either -- he seemed to have a taste for snakes and rats. His ears stuck out to the sides just like Yoda. Very comical. Maynard has contacted me from the Great Beyond regarding this device, and requested that I share his message: "Us cats are predators. We will kill and actually eat birds, for the tasty meat, and sometimes just for the fun. If you want us to not kill birds, keep us inside where, as you have learned, we can piss on everything you own and crap in your brassieres and shoes, or move us to places where there aren't any birds around, or stop worrying about the birds altogether. Oh, and you can take the CatBib and roll it up into a real tight little tube and stick it where the sun don't shine and never will until maybe you've been dead quite a while, which can never be soon enough for me."

Posted by: Flautist | Oct 4, 2010 7:27:11 PM

hmm, how about a bell on the cat's collar. That's what we did in the distant 60's.

Posted by: Greg | Oct 4, 2010 2:25:24 PM

Better yet, don't let your cat run free.

Then maybe I can go through a winter without smelling cat piss in my garage.

Posted by: Rocketboy | Oct 3, 2010 2:33:39 PM


Posted by: jo | Oct 2, 2010 2:51:14 PM

I think someone should tie this woman's feet together and make her walk around that way. This has to go in the "special kind of stupid" category.....oh, and she shouldn't be allowed to have ANY pets. I'd piss on her carpets too, if I was them. Everybody step back and leave the animals alone. They'll work it out. Sheesh. The nerve of some people's brats......

Posted by: David Gray | Oct 2, 2010 2:34:06 PM

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