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October 13, 2010

Google reads my Twitter posts


How else to explain the following:

1. A week ago Tuesday, October 5, 2010, I tweeted as pictured above.

2. Yesterday when I looked at Gmail on my iPad, "the box with the little slot on one side and the arrow above it pointing down" had lost the arrow and gained the label "Archive":



3. This morning I received this Twitter reply:


from one Scott Eblen of London Branch:


Yes, Scott, the latest version is better.

I'm struck by the power of my random, unaddressed tweet to reach someone at Google who could act on it.

I do not believe an email to Google would've yielded nearly the same excellent result as quickly as it did.

For one thing, whom would I address it to?

I mean, I know there are a number of individuals at Google who follow bookofjoe but it's not as if I "know" who they are — with a couple exceptions.

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