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October 24, 2010

Pong โ€” This is your brain NOT absorbing cellphone radiation

Or so the maker of these radiation-diverting cases would have you believe.

Wrote Laura Johannes in an October 5, 2010 Wall Street Journal story, "For iPhone and BlackBerry Curve users, there's a $49.99 case made by Pong Research LLC that contains thin pieces of gold that the Middleburg, Va., company says pulls radiation away from your head and releases it out the back of the phone. In tests by Cetecom Inc., a Milpitas, Calif., unit of Germany's Cetecom GmbH that tests radiation levels in cellphones, the case was found to reduce radiation from U.S. phones to a simulated model of the human head by 60% to 82%, Pong says. Cetecom scientist Heiko Strehlow confirmed its tests found that the Pong directs radiation away from the human head."


Caveat emptor.

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You do know that they've proven that cell phone radiation is too weak to penetrate the cells of the human body? It's like the radiation from your microwave. And I'm pretty sure most non-insane people don't buy fancy devices to deflect microwave radiation in their kitchen.

Posted by: Kitten | Oct 25, 2010 5:47:22 PM

I've got a PONG case for my 3G iphone.

I have no idea if it's saving me from cell-phone radiation as it says, but I like it because: 1- it's green. 2-it's soft silicone and fits the phone really well. And my old case broke (ripped, actually) so I needed a new one.

While it seems to me like a small fortune to pay for a phone case; the cheaper ones weren't green &/or didn't fit the phone as well, and they certainly didn't have the chimney radiation deflectinator, so I figured - why not?

Posted by: Ken S. | Oct 24, 2010 7:58:36 PM

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