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November 15, 2010

Virtual room painting


From reader Steven Frisk, inventor of the EcoPrazi Paint Brush Storage Lid, comes the following exhortation:




Quit staring into that screen, time to make a move on those walls!

Enclosed are a few of my suggestions to whet the appetite.


It's easy and fun to do and it's from Benjamin Moore.

For 10 bucks anyone can download PC or Mac OS (finally!) software called "Personal Color Viewer" and upload any photos of their choice from their digital camera.

Then you "mask" the area you want to paint, click a color and boom! There it is!

 norwich brown HC 19

You can then save the results to your "Favorites" folder, and as an option you can just colorize the supplied sample rooms from their extensive collection. That function is free and requires no download at all. Pretty cool, eh?

Go to http://store.swatchbox.com/Benmoore30.aspx.

Warmed cognac

No excuse any more.

Maybe you can paint and work at the same time or fake it and just post my pics as hard work on your part.


Moroccan red 1309

I'm opting for the latter approach.

Up top, the current look, followed by five possiblities generated by the Benjamin Moore program.

I kind of like the last one.

Not enough to actually undertake painting, mind you.


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Texting Gloves


Heather Grey or Black.


Two wooden buttons.


Wool blend.



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Game Wallpaper: Emergent Patterns


Can your wall covering do that?


From Dornob: "Repeating patterns are at the heart of most wallpapers, as they are part of the core of many simple old-school paper-and-pen games."


"The first layer is as simple as it gets: a series of mazes, tic-tac-toe boards and crossword puzzles that lend themselves to virtually infinite extension in any direction."


"Created by CinqCinq, these have been placed in waiting room interiors."

[via Joe Peach]

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Goldfish Tights


"Our #1 best seller for two years!"

Why am I not surprised?


[via What Alice Found]

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Building a better CAPTCHA


If you're anything like me you get vexed when you come to one of those crazy CAPTCHAs that's at the very edge of decryption.

Now comes reader Richard Kashdan with news of a kinder, gentler CAPTCHA.

I'd install it yesterday except for the fact that it's most-likely off-limits to TechnoDolts™ like me, who run for the nearest exit when we see the letters "API."

Maybe TypePad will replace their current iteration with this new one.

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Cupped Carafe


Designed by Scott Henderson, it's a 1.5 liter porcelain carafe intended for wine or water.


Two red porcelain cups fit in the top.



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Huge gamma-ray bubbles found extending from the Milky Way


"My own suspicion is that the universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose." — J.B.S. Haldane in "Possible Worlds: And Other Essays" (1927)

"The unexpected discovery suggests a colossal event in our galaxy's past, releasing energy equivalent to 100,000 exploding stars. But scientists don't know yet what that event might have been."

More here.

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Bacon Wrapping Paper


Two 20" x 30" sheets: $8.

[via Incredible Things and boxbank+]

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