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November 17, 2010

SUBWAY restaurants around the world


There are 33,679 Subways in 93 countries and territories.


Last updated one week ago.

[via ChartsBin]

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Angel T-Shirt


"White cotton with small wings on the back. One size."

How many can dance on the head of a pin?

Finally, an answer is within reach.

$85 CAD (Clothing).

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Glove — Meret Oppenheim


Goatskin with silkscreen print, handstitched (1985).

[via What Alice Found and MGU]

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Wireless Back-Up Warning Alarm


You need this.

You don't have it, you won't buy it, but I still say every vehicle on the road needs this or something that does the same thing, namely, beep or sound an alarm when a car is backing up.

I featured this device thrice back in 2007 but since one of mine fell off sometime in recent months and I'm reordering, I figured might as well perform a public service.


Sure, it's not hardwired into your car's electrical system so it's gonna fall off or stop working due to rain or snow or just the passage of time but so what?

Cheap at twice the price if it prevents someone smashing into you in a parking lot or walking into the back of your car.

From the website:



Wireless back-up warning needs no installation, alerts family when you're driving in reverse.

Take the worry out of backing up, especially in trucks, minivans and SUVs.

The built-in light sensor automatically activates a beeping alarm on the Back-Up Warning when you engage your vehicle in reverse and remains on until you begin to move forward.

Alerts anyone in your rear path that you're backing up.

Easy installation, no tools needed — just stick on reverse light, which automatically activates loud beeping alarm when in reverse.



Still not convinced?

Read Jonathan Welsh's August 16, 2007 Wall Street Journal article wherein he wrote that there are "at least 183 fatalities annually caused by drivers striking pedestrians while backing up."

And: "From 2002 to 2006, 474 children died after being backed over by a vehicle, compared with 138 from 1997 to 2001."

And that's just the ones we hear about, the tip of the iceburg.


$5.49, about half what they cost ($9.98) in 2007.

I use two but you know me, belt + suspenders....

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MorphWorld: Ana Ivanovic into T-Mobile 4G Spokeswoman

When I first saw this commercial during last Sunday's NFL games, I couldn't believe T-Mobile had chosen Ivanovic as their new spokesperson, long after her ascension to the heights of tennis as number one in the world and subsequent crash and burn (she made it back up the hill to number 17 earlier this month after winning the Tournament of Champions in Bali).

But then I thought about it and considered that they could probably get Ivanovic for a penny on the dollar of what she commanded back when she was at the top.

Then I turned the sound on and realized it wasn't Ivanovic but a look-alike, who no doubt cost far less than even a downpriced Ivanovic.

Good ad, too, nice whack at Apple and AT&T.

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Remote Control Candle


Not plastic but wax, just like a real candle; "realistic flickering light; no hot wax."

Each candle requires 3 AAA batteries (not included).

Remote control on/off; 15cm H x 7.5cm Ø.

"Suitable for ages 8+ [years]."


Set of two: £14.99.

[via Nuclear Toast]

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Twithelp — "People helping people through Twitter"


Focused crowdsourcing.

I happened on my profile page recently though I hadn't a clue the site even existed before that accidental landing.

It would appear Twithelp aggregated four of my tweets posing questions.

But it's not like anyone heard them, judging from the underwhelming response.

Twithelp is on Twitter — @twithelpme  — and there you can pose any question you like.

Whether you'll get an answer you like, that's between you and Twithelp, don't come running after me saying I sold you a bill of goods.


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Doodle Watch


A blank, tear-resistant canvas on which to draw, paint and doodle.


9" x 1.25".



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