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November 18, 2010

Portrait in tin foil


Beats a hat.


British designer Dominic Wilcox "made a detailed 3-D replica of his own face out of regular tin foil,"


reads a November 13, 2010 Toxel post filed under "Design/Inspiration/Tech."


Try it yourself when you find yourself with a little time on your hands....


Or maybe not: The "fragile sculpture was created by forming tin foil onto an old plaster mold that was made when the artist was 21."


What, you broke yours?



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Goth Girl Dracula Coin Pouch


"Pointy teeth come in handy on this hinged coin purse: subtle notches let it click closed and keep coins secure."



But I digress.


Blood Red or Bone White.



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Pulse is free

"The first thing to do when you arrive at the scene of a cardiac arrest is take your own pulse."

But I digress.

Pulse is the new new thing in town, according to Claire Cain Miller's story in this past Tuesday's New York Times.

Long story short: "It's a mobile app that allows users to build a personal newsfeed with the newspapers, magazines and blogs of their choice."

"For small blogs that do not have the resources to build their own mobile apps, Pulse could serve as their main app, Mr. Kothari and Mr. Gupta say. To help readers discover new information sources, it features 10 publications, often small blogs, each week, and it is considering ways to incorporate recommendations from readers’ friends or experts in particular fields."


I asked Brenden Gibson and Halle Winkler about building a bookofjoe app, and one or both of these wise heads pointed out that the expense would not likely be recouped any time soon.

I mean, so I'm one of a quarter-million apps in the App Store: that and twenty-five cents will buy me 15 minutes of parking at a meter in downtown Charlottesville.

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Tomori Seasonal LED Lantern: Chromatherapy, Japanese-style

From the website:


With the Tomori LED Lantern the traditional Japanese paper light gets an update courtesy of modern technology.

The LED lighting offers not only low energy consumption, but also an enchanting multi-hued glow, as the lights subtly segue between seven different colors.

Each version of the Tomori conveys a traditional Japanese seasonal theme — morning glory, cherry blossom, plum, or fall leaves — expressed in the “washi” paper design.


Each one also comes with a corresponding silk crepe pedestal for display.

With the convenience (and safety!) of modern technology, the Tomori creates the mood of a chochin paper lantern or a tea light cover, adding an attractive ambient glow to your room.



• Materials: Japanese paper, cotton (lantern), ABS (LED light), rayon, polyester (display mat)

• Options: Asagao (morning glory); Sakura (cherry blossom); Ume (plum); Kouyou (fall leaves)

• Size: Lantern diameter 10 cm (3.9"); display mat 19 x 17.5cm (7.5" x 6.9")




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Forgotten Bookmarks


"I work at a used and rare bookstore,


and I buy books from people everyday. 


These are the personal, funny,


heartbreaking or weird things


I find in those books."


Each book is pictured here


with what was found in it.

[via Joe Peach]

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Licorice Ring


That's what it looks like but it's made of jet black silicone.

Chew on that.

$55 CAD (Jewelry page 1)

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Buttons not pushed


From time to time I can't help but wonder why it is that after more than six years I still can't find that pony I know is hidden somewhere here in the bookofjoe barn under that steaming pile....

I occasionally toy with the idea of adding a PayPal button but that "Donate" always puts me off.

I want a button that reads "What's this worth to you?" or "Who's your momma?"

And the ability to change what the button says depending on my mood or a friendly gesture or nasty comment or whatnot.

Then there's Google Checkout,

Google checkout

which is another way of accepting money that'll never arrive.

Amazon has one too.


And recently I joined Square, such I now have a Square credit card reader and account and can swipe credit cards using my iPad.


Too bad I'm the only one here except for Gray Cat, who only carries a Black Card, which I doubt the Square reader can handle since it's made of titanium.

Still, it's fun to daydream.

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Alice in Wonderland Cupcake Set


Go ask Alice, I think she'll know.

From the website:


Bake and serve in one contemporary teacup.

Modern resusable silicone molds are food- and oven-safe.

Saucers included.

3"Ø x 2"H.


Set of four: $22.

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