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November 29, 2010

Babylon and Rauschenberg — Episode 2


Yesterday's juxtaposition in the New York Times wormed its way into my brain, so much so that I'm taking one of the other Babylonian cuneiform tablets featured in the Times and and posting it in conjunction with another work of Rauschenberg's,


his iconic 1955 combine "Bed."

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Stomp Walkers


From an article in the November 22, 2010 Washington Post:


"A fun and challenging version of classic stilts.


At the bottom are large foam feet that would make great footprints — if you can master walking in them, which isn't easy."



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Page 99 Test


"The Page 99 Test is simple: after reading page 99, would you want to turn the page?"

The site takes its name from Ford Madox Ford's observation: "Open the book to page ninety-nine, and the quality of the whole will be revealed to you."

[via Joe Peach]

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Committment issues? For you, maybe [the hat]


"Maybe you'll like it; maybe you won't."



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"Black Swan"

U.S. release this coming Friday, December 3, 2010.

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Stress Cupcake


Soft foam rubber, 3.25" high.


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Redlove Era Apple — "Think of it: pink apple pie."


From Graham Rice's New Plants Blog: "This variety is so new that you can't even buy it in the supermarket or the greengrocer. It was raised in Switzerland by ace apple breeder Markus Kobelt, who spent many years developing it. It's the first in a series of red-fleshed apples."


Get yours here.

[via tasteologie]

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BYOT (Bring Your Own Tea)


"BYOT is a convenient, compact, and cute pouch that carries 10 servings of loose leaf tea and 10 easy-to-use biodegradable steeping bags."


"With BYOT, all you need is a cup of hot water to enjoy great (non-crushed, whole and organic) tea when and wherever you want it."

Sanctuary T Shop is a tea restaurant (below)


in Gotham and this is its online incarnation.

As it were.

Does incarnation go in both directions?


The BYOT online shop is here.

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