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November 19, 2010

BehindTheMedspeak: Cochlear Implant Blogs

I happened on this list on SaraSera's website; she's had bilateral implants and decided to create a common forum.

The most recent addition is dated April 2009, and no doubt technical advances happen on a near daily basis in this field, so use her list as a starting point.

She also has a page called "Share Your Audiogram," the introduction to which reads: "I'll admit it — I love data. I like looking at statistics and charts and coming to conclusions (even if the conclusion is that there is no conclusion!). I get to do a lot of this in my job. I also have to make a lot of graphs and write a lot of reports."

She continues, "I’ve been curious about people’s audiograms since reading so many blogs on hearing loss. If you’d like to add yours to this spreadsheet, feel free. I’m not sure what kind of report it will turn into, if any, but the data is the fun part!"

There's also a "Listening Resources" page.


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