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November 30, 2010

Lumber made from newspaper looks like real wood


From a November 9, 2010 article by Yuka Yoneda on Inhabitat: "Doesn’t the material in the photo above look just like real wood at first glance? Upon further inspection, the text on the top plank gives away the 'lumber’s' true origin — newspapers! Developed by Mieke Meijer for design firm vij5, Kranthout (Dutch for “newspaper wood”) is a new material made of old newspapers that are rolled together and milled into planks. The versatile product even mimics the appearance of wood grain and can be drilled and sanded just like real wood."


[via Worldchanging, The Best Part, and boxbank+]

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I wonder what a good, late summer Houston deluge might do to these "planks"...

Posted by: Milena | Nov 30, 2010 1:22:30 PM

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