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December 2, 2010

Extreme Origami: Upcycled Gown Made From 1,000 Newspaper Cranes


Wrote Yuka Yoneda in a July 18, 2010 ecouterre post:


"By Yuliya Kyrpo... [who] assembled her headlining bustier dress —


complete with a flowing peacock train 


from 1,000 paper cranes,


which she painstakingly hand-folded from old Metro newspapers."

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Heated USB "Dinosaur Paw"






Per pair, 2980円(税込).


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Palm Top Theater

From V2_Institute for the Unstable Media:


The International Film Festival Rotterdam has brought cinema to the large screen. We think that the intimacy of small mobile screens are giving new impulses to the cinematic experience. V2_ will present a series of films and animations small enough to watch in the palm of your hand.

Acquaint yourself with a new 3D film experience on your iPhone or iPad at the Palm Top Theater exhibition. We invite you to a workshop to make new work for this intimate 3D environment. Experiments with space and interaction will form the heart of the exhibition.

Visitors will experience film and animation in a way that is strikingly similar to pre-cinema, when watching a moving image was an intimate and individual experience. At the same time, the Palm Top Theater will offer a glimpse of a cinema of the future in which the developments in mobile communication technology and the changing roles of users and producers will have a profound effect on the future of cinema.


[via Richard Kashdan]

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Mini Solar Desk Lamp


I wanted to buy IKEA's iterationfeatured last year in the New York Times, but they don't sell it online.


Then I happened on the the one pictured above and below.


It costs $6.90 and shipping runs $7 so the combined cost is still less than you'd pay at IKEA ($19.99), which I can't do since there isn't one anywhere near my Podunk town.


I'll report further once it arrives and I've had a chance to put it through its paces.

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craigslist's HTML for TechnoDolts™


And so can you!

[via Joe Peach, who can spot a TechnoDolt™ in central Virginia all the way from his home in Pennsylvania]

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Giacometti on the cheap


In the style of the great artist


are the remains of burned-out wooden matches


in a aluminum mini-menorah designed by Reddish.

[via Gyerekszoba]

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GetHuman.com — "Steps to get to a live person"


"A continuously updated list of direct customer service lines and telephone-prompt guides," with average wait times.


Now with company Twitter listings.

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3-D Maze Ball

PlaSmart_ Perplexus

From a November 22, 2010 Washington Post story: "This colorful, 3-D maze in a ball is 'amazing' and 'soooo FUN,' according to our fourth-grade testers. Turn the clear plastic ball sphere around and around to guide a small silver ball inside through a complex maze of tracks. If the ball falls off at the tricky parts, you have to start over. When you need to entertain yourself, this is a great alternative to a video game."


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