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December 5, 2010

Scot Halpin, accidental drummer for The Who

From James Wood's article about Keith Moon in the November 29, 2010 issue of The New Yorker: "In San Francisco, in 1973, he took so many [pills]... that, after slopping his way through several songs, he collapsed and had to be taken to the hospital.... What magically happened onstage, while Moon was being carted away, was incised on my teen-age cerebellum. Pete Townshend asked the crowd if anyone could come up and play the drums. Scot Halpin, a nineteen-year-old, and presumably soon to be the most envied teen-ager in America, got onto the stage, and performed in Moon's place."

Above, Halpin performing "Smokestack Lightning" with the band during that show.


The final number of the concert, "Naked Eye."

Halpin died of a brain tumor on February 9, 2008.

He was 54.

On January 27, 2009, The Who created a memorial blog "featuring a work of his art and music, each day for one year, commencing February 9, 2009, the first anniversary of his passing."

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Spoon Bowl


Stainless steel spoon nestles in bowl handle, allowing both to be held easily in one hand.

$48 CAD (Kitchen and Tabletop, page 8).

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"Suzanne" — Leonard Cohen and Judy Collins (1976)

[via purple DIARY]

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Manga Post-it Notes


Speech Bubble or Sound Effect shape.

Set contains three 40-sheet blocks of notes.


Per set, $24.

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Museum of Broken Relationships


From an article in the November 25, 2010 Economist:


... The Museum of Broken Relationships, whose entire collection is made up of objects remaining in the wake of failed relationships, or in some cases, after death.

The museum is the brainchild of two artists, Olinka Vistica and Drazen Grubisic. They went out together between 1999 and 2003, and when they broke up they did not know what to do with all sorts of treasured items that meant something only to them, for example their wind-up, hopping bunny, which they had wanted to take pictures of around the world. The only solution? "We should set up a museum," they laughed.

Three years later Mr Grubisic called Ms Vistica. He said: "You know that idea we had…?" So, the pair set to asking their friends to donate objects that had been left behind after break-ups. To their surprise, they did. The first exhibition opened in a container. Since then the idea has taken off. Lugging everything from garter belts to garden gnomes around in suitcases they have taken their ever-expanding collection all over the world. Last month they opened the museum’s first permanent gallery, in Zagreb’s old town.

... the sometimes heart-rending tales or even just simple sentences accompanying each item bring it all to life. For example, alongside a French identity card a Slovene has written: "The only thing left of a great love was citizenship.' One woman, who gave an axe [top], recounts how she used it to chop her girlfriend’s furniture into tiny pieces when she left her. The ex collected the remains and "the axe was promoted to a therapy instrument."

From Switzerland someone has donated an unopened packet containing a candy G-string. "He turned out to be as cheap and shabby as his presents."

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Necklace Swing


Designed by Johanna Richter.


Handmade in Germany.


Seating material: gray wool felt or oiled beechwood balls.



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Why Angry Birds is so addictive


Nick Wingfield's November 30, 2010 Wall Street Journal article attempted to answer the question posed up top in the headline.


Long story short: whimsical sounds, lots of positive reinforcement and, most importantly, it doesn't punish players.

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Dancing Queen Earrings


Wrote Jan Suchodolski in an email received yesterday:


"Hi, I'm a jewelry designer from Poland. I like your 'bookofjoe' — maybe you'll like my earrings."


Good call, Jan.


The earrings are made from 0.925 oxidized silver.


Above and below, exemplars.


Apiece, 85 .


Note: I absolutely love it when I hear from under the radar people who'd like their creations featured on bookofjoe, and go out of my way to spotlight them.

This might be the easiest, cheapest and fastest way to go from anonymous to big in a Podunk town yoctosecond.


Note from the designer added Monday, December 6, 2010 at 7:13 p.m.:

Thank you!

In my gallery you can pay via PayPal.

The price in Polish Zloty is the price of one earring, so in that way you can compose yourself your favorite pair.

85 Zloty is about $28 (U.S.), or 18£ (U.K.).

If you're interested, send an email — jan@suchodolski.pl —  for more information or to order.


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