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December 7, 2010

"Quantations: A Guide to Quantum Living in the 21st Century"

Quantations cover

After reading my friend Nassim Nicholas Taleb's new book, "The Bed of Procrustes," a collection of his aphorisms, I went down to the basement and dusted off a box filled with copies of my 2002 tome (above and below).

I reread it this past week and I must say it's not that bad.

Look inside the book here.

Goal for 2011: get my book up on Kindle, Sony Reader, Nook, Google eBooks and any and all possible ebook platforms.

This was also my 2010 goal, I will confess, but everyone I contacted to help me just couldn't understand that a TechnoDolt™ needs not just support but a stainless steel armature.

Telling me to do this, that and the other simply doesn't cut it.

Stay tuned, you'll be the first to know when — not if — I succeed.

It should be noted here that once upon a time, when iUniverse — my self-publisher — bestrode the earth like a wee colossus, you could read "Quantations" online for free on its website, which I thought was great.

I had a link from bookofjoe right to it, because I figured why waste your good money when you can get it for free?

I was way ahead of Cory Doctorow in that respect.

But alas, iUniverse was bought out and the file type they used disappeared down the dead format black hole.


Isn't print great?

Formats come and go and yet we can still read Babylonian tablets.

Something to think about.

Clouds can blow away too.

FunFact: bookofjoe is available on Kindle for a mere $1.99/month.

It appeared in the Kindle store on May 18, 2009.

You could look it up.

I think I have two subscribers (thank you, Joel and Rick).


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Aquariva — Marc Newson's limited-edition superboat


Launched in September of this year, 


production is limited to 22 boats worldwide,


available through the Gagosian Gallery.


$1.5 million. 


Apply within.

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Jimi Hendrix plays Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

From Open Culture: "... the Beatles released Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band in June, 1967. The album came out on a Friday, and by Sunday night, Jimi Hendrix learned the songs and opened his own show with a cover of the title track. It would have looked something like this."

A comment on the YouTube video: "June 4, 1967 — Hendrix opened the show with his own rendition of 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band,' which he had learned in the few days leading up to the show. Harrison and McCartney were extremely impressed by this, especially because it was played on the Sunday after the release of Sgt. Pepper the previous Friday."


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Universal Power Adapter


"Due to internationalization, a lot of gadgets can handle the voltage and cycle differences, but that physical plug is still a barrier."


"This adapter lets you plug your device into four different kinds of outlets: British, European, Japanese, and Australasian."




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Cosmo Mongolia — Why not? Louis Vuitton just opened a store in Ulan Bator


Above, the inaugural (December 2010) issue.

From Jeremy W. Peters' item in yesterday's New York Times:


Coming to a newsstand most likely not near you: Cosmo Mongolia.

Cosmopolitan, which has been helping women all over the world unlock the secrets to better sex, tighter tushes and the enigmatic male psyche for four decades, will begin to sell a Mongolia edition this week.

Copies will cost 7,000 Mongolian tugriks an issue, or about $6.50.

The first issue includes a history of the magazine and its advocacy for women’s rights, an introduction to its modern founder, Helen Gurley Brown, and a cover featuring Nicole Scherzinger, a member of the pop group Pussycat Dolls.

The magazine, with a print run of 7,000 copies, will be edited and published in the capital, Ulan Bator.

Duncan Edwards, chief executive of Hearst Magazines International, said... the said the idea to start a Mongolian edition came to him over dinner one night when an executive from Louis Vuitton told him the company had just opened a store in Ulan Bator [below].


“It is relatively small in terms of population, but a country that has the potential to grow dramatically in terms of its wealth over the next few years,” Mr. Edwards said.

Cosmopolitan is a powerhouse of an international brand. The Mongolian edition will be its 61st edited and sold in a foreign country. In Asia, the magazine is already sold in China and Vietnam.

International editions are not without potential complications. Cosmopolitan editors have to be careful in many countries to tone down some of the more explicit sexual content that is common in Western editions. And because Cosmopolitan is published in many languages, editors at Hearst can never be certain what exactly is appearing in their magazines. But they monitor what they can.

“We don’t have the ability to read every edition in every language,” Mr. Edwards said. “We select editions from time to time and have sections translated.”

After Mongolia, could Cosmo Turkmenistan be far off? Possibly. “We are looking at countries in Central Asia,” Mr. Edwards said. But not every country is a good fit, he acknowledged. “Pakistan is probably difficult. But we do publish in countries that are predominantly Muslim. There’s Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey. And we do fine.”


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Pickle Picker — Episode 2: Price break


Back in 2006 it cost $7.99.

Time passes, things change.

From websites: "Forget poking around with a fork or your pickles rolling off a spoon; this handy pickle picker grabs on quickly and securely. Simply depress the plunger to open the wire tines, then release the plunger to grab onto and extract a pickle. The picker is also great for handling olives, cocktail onions, peppers, and cherries."

Now $1.99.

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BehindTheMedspeak: NeuroPub Visualizer iPad App


"This is your personal library of statistical parametric maps for functional and structural neuroimages on your iPad (fMRI, VBM, etc). The visualizer displays these files on the MNI standard brain. It's the perfect app to bring to meetings, conferences, etc, and show your latest results. The app visualises the brain in both 2D and 3D."


"The visualizer reads NIfTI files, which you upload through iTunes. The .nii files must be in the same resolution as the 2x2x2 standard brain that comes with FSL or SPM. The .nii files must be uncompressed and have to be in float format."

"Please note that although anyone can download and play with the app, it's mostly useful if you have your own NlfTI images and are doing brain research."

Pretty much my core readership, what?

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot — free, the way we like it.

[via Richard Kashdan]

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What can you make with this?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

Hint: it's not electronic.

A second clue: inedible.

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