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December 8, 2010

bookofjoe World Exclusive: Andrew Chase's Steampunk Mechanical Horse


The singular artist last night graced me with news, video and photos of his latest creation,


writing, "This one took forever to build.


The problem is/was that everyone knows what a horse looks like so I couldn't cheat (much).


I had to be accurate and here's the thing, accuracy sucks, accuracy is hard, I HATE accuracy. Never frickin again.


From now on I'm sticking to unknown animals from faraway continents."


"Anyway, vital stats are: 27" at the shoulder, 27" long, 8" wide and it weighs about 45-55 lbs."


He added, "I patterned the horse partially after Leonardo da Vinci's famous unbuilt (at least, in his lifetime) sculpture."


Wanna see it run?


Thought so.

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Eye Clock

"Rotating irises show hours on left, minutes on right."

Requires two AA batteries (included).


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Heat-Sensitive Wallpaper


Above, with the radiator off; below,


the radiator is on.

Created by Shi Yuan.

[via baekdal and Joe Peach]

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two thousand eleven calendar


24"W x 16"H.



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SicPress — Book repair & cleaning supplies


Everything you might conceivably need to bring your books back up to snuff.

[via Cary Sternick]

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Glow-in-the-dark putty



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"Lowlands" — Susan Philipsz wins Turner Prize

Philipsz and her winning entry, "Lowlands," mark the first time the prize has been awarded for a sound work.

Wrote Carol Vogel in yesterday's New York Times, "she recorded herself singing a 16th-century Scottish lament under three bridges in Glasgow."

In a statement the judges said they "admired the way in which her work provokes both intellectual and instinctive responses and reflects a series of decisions about the relationship between sound and sight" and that she "draws on the immersive properties of sound and uses her own voice to create powerful sculptural experiences."

In a Guardian article chief arts writer Charlotte Higgins wrote, "Philipsz, 45, is the first person in the history of the award to have created nothing you can see or touch. Instead, she sculpted her prizewinning work in sound — indeed from the sound of her own voice, singing a Scottish lament over the river Clyde in her hometown, Glasgow."

"Philipsz's room in this year's Turner prize exhibition at Tate Britain consisted of her disembodied, recorded voice singing the 16th-century traditional Scottish song, Lowlands Away."

"The work for which she won the prize, though, was an installation made for the art festival Glasgow International in May. Beneath each of the three bridges in the city centre — the George V Bridge, the mighty Caledonian Railway Bridge and Glasgow Bridge — were installed recordings of Philipsz singing three slightly different versions of that same song heard in the Turner prize exhibition, in which a drowned lover returns to haunt their sweetheart."

"The words are the same at first, then, as the verses go on, they veer off to take their own paths, returning to unison for the refrain."

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Inflatable Paper Sofa


By Malafor, the Polish design duo of Agata Kulik-Pomorska and Pawel Pomorski.

From the website:



The sofa is made from 100% recycled paper dunnage bags with a metal rack and rubber straps, easy to transport when flat and simple to inflate.  

The blown-up bags are super-durable due to two layers of paper and one layer of plastic on the interior. 


Material: dunnage bags + air + metal rack + rubber straps.

Customize to your heart's content with markers and pens.

Dimensions fully inflated: 70.9"W x 35.4"H.




In Europe?

No problema, there's a German website offering it for €200.


Bonus: choice of Red or Black strap accents.

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