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December 9, 2010

Guido Mocafico — Episode 4: His dark vision


Selected photographs


from the




extensive series


of pictures of snakes.

[via Milena]

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Outlet Tester — eliminate shock (not awe)


Wrote Katherine Ludwig in this week's C-VILLE:


Plug the device [above] — which has a 3-prong plug like a power cord on one end — into an outlet and it will light up to indicate whether the outlet is getting power and whether that power is properly wired with hot and neutral wires and grounded. A legend provided on the device will help you determine the meaning of the lighting pattern. Your tester will most likely list six possible patterns.

1. Means correct wiring; followed by five other possible wiring issues:

2. Open ground

3. Open neutral

4. Open hot

5. Hot and ground reversed

6. Hot and neutral reversed

[There will be a quiz. Not.]


If you're doing any electrical work, such as replacing kitchen and bathroom outlets in an old home with new GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlets, you'll want an outlet tester around to ensure power is off before you start the work and that the circuit is working properly after you've done the work. Look for an outlet tester that includes a GFCI test function [below].




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Tony Orrico — Penwald:4 unison symmetry standing

He made his debut here on September 2, 2010, and today returns with another of his singular works.

The YouTube caption: "Tony Orrico uses the span of his arms, bilateral movement, and alternating variables to inscribe a drawing in three parts. Orrico sustains a dual focus on his kinesthetic and mental states for 4 hours over three consecutive evenings."

Flux/S at Strijp-S, Eindhoven, NL (2010)

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Bulletproof Clipboard


Because you never know.

If they can offer both portrait and landscape capabilities —


why can't the iPad's docking port?


[via Cliff Hatch]

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Disappearing Calendar


There goes the day — literally.


Shi Yuan created this daily calendar, with ink that gradually disappears as the day passes.

[via baekdal and Joe Peach]

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DarkFin Scuba/Snorkeling/Surfing/Swimming/Sky Diving Gloves






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Google Earth Engine — A "living, breathing model"

Launched last week, "Google Earth Engine draws on 25 years of satellite images collected by Landsat, the planet's longest continuously orbiting satellite, to provide what the project's engineering manager, Rebecca Moore, calls 'a living, breathing model of the Earth with all of the data and analysis that's available,'" wrote Juliet Eilperin in December 7, 2010 Washington Post story.

More: "Google has already used the platform to create the finest-scale forest and water map ever made of Mexico. It required 15,000 hours of computation, which would have taken three years if run on a single computer, but the group completed it in less than a day on Google Earth Engine by using 1,000 computers in parallel to process more than 53,000 Landsat scenes taken between 1984 and 2010."

Slideshow accompanying the Post article here.

Fair warning: visit at your peril, because there goes the day.

Free, the way Google does most things and the way we like it.

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Camera Lens Bracelets


Soft silicone replica


of a camera lens focusing ring.


Apiece, $10, both for $15.

[via WHATtheCOOL and swissmiss]

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